Saturday, February 19, 2011


i went to ALAMANDA, putrajaya just now with Gemoki-Chan..

we MAKAN2 at foodcourt..

food-black paper chicken rice

i never know that it has this is what i said to tukang masak..

misz-yang no 30 tue xnak taugeh eh..yang no 33 xpe..

tukang masak-yang no 33 tue mmg xde taugeh..


drink-ice lemon tea

then we jalan2 kat MPH and i saw


i bought it..i madly love this manga..i like kouru's drawing..very kawai..i collect almost all of her comics except for helious eclipse..its not because i don't like is because i miss to collect at the 3rd book so i stop to buy it(berharap agar 1 of my friend, Rina beli but she didnt buy it..huhu)

then we went to NOSE..i admired this watch since last tuesday..last tuesday GEMOKI-CHAN offer to belikan this watch 4 me..but.............
Gemoki-Chan: cantik..
misz: aa..
gemoki-chan: nak ke?i belikan
misz: xnak la..(menjawab dengan berlagaknya)

then on that night i TERINGAT-INGAT at that watch..i love the pink one.. but when i tried them on my hand(all the diff colour of that watch-pink, red-brown and black) it turned out that the black one is the nicest.. so i decided to buy the black one.. here is THAT watch that i adore..i like it because of its unique shape and its tali..hehehe..the best thing is it has 20% shopaholic..its time for you to go to the nearest NOSE store and grab something that make your eyes pop..



  1. dulu saya ada helious yg kouro sain..but..saya lupa mana saya letak..:((