Saturday, February 12, 2011

ice skating

hello dear...

its been a a while since i wrote sumting here..i am so bengang today coz i of my BFF told me that i was on9 at ym and ask her to do a stupid quiz..i didnt online ym recently..who ever hijacking my ym is not so cool..i wish that he/she will die soon..enough with all that thing..i've done 2/3 of my test last week..frankly i done think i can answer them well..i have another 1 test this coming thursday which i didnt study yet..after finishing the test on thursday we decided to release tension by:

Plan:going to Sunway
main activity: ice skating
day/date: friday/11.2.2011
transportation: public transport
people involve: me, zura, nisa, roe,paah n jira

it is my 1st time going to sunway..hehehe..i dun feel like i wanna go there b4 coz i hate public transportation.. i rather not going to that place than taking public transport..but because of i deeply feel like i wanna try to play ice skating i, so i decided to go(BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT.arghhhh...)..i dunno y people like to use is better to be stuck in the jam(at least u can sit still, not standing in crowded).. u can say i'm mengada2 or what but i dun care..besides that u can see that the a lot of foreigner used that train or buses. i didnt mean the exchange students..i mean the "indon" n "bangla" and yang sewaktu dengannya..i dun feel save whenever i'm in public transport..a lot of pencuri also like to board the public transport and coz a lot of citizen lost their wallet n handphone..i nevere experience this b4..but it happened to my friends..

when we arrived there, all of us were so hungry..we decided to have lunch at A&W..suddenly i miss my parents..both of them always bring me to A&W KOMTAR when i'm small..we always went there not because of the food but because there was a playground inside that A&W..hehe..but the root beer there is the best..

so here are some random pics that we took at sunway..

a piece of advise to whoever dat never ice skate b4:-
-bring ur glove and stocking(or else u have to buy it there)
-try ur best to didnt langgar other people and avoid urself from dilanggar(so that u xjatuh)
-makan 1st b4 u play coz once u go out u cannot go back in back..
-u have to try it coz it is different from rollerblading(which i found it more difficult than rollerblading)

that's all..i have something that i need to cover..bubye..