Friday, February 4, 2011

~Hang ouT~

today i went to QB 2 meet my x-high school classmate from 4&5 pearl..sadly farhana cannot join us today because she is at cameron highland..miss them so much(dah lama xjumpa them)..the real plan is to have lunch with Jane..we seldom meet her because she study in Australia..n she normally come back 2 penang once a year..during her summer, she's celebrating CNY in penang this year..she loves to meet us 2day eventhough she has dinner tonight...hehehehehe

i woke up early today(at 8 sumthg am-i tjaga then xble tido balik..huhu-)..then went out from home at 11 sumtg..i drop by to my aunty house to hantar her barang2(serai,daun pandan).hehehehe..she like to pesan that thing coz she live in a flat so she cannot tanam it..i live in kampung so my mum tanam a lot of that pokok2..*cakap je nk apa mesti ada..hehehehe..*

after that i went to wanie's home to fetch her..*trasa cm i drive keta lak men jemput2 org..hehehe*so we went to kedai jeruk Pak Ali 2 buy jeruk for Gemoki-Chan..he's very specific and demand..there are alot of kedai jeruk in penang but he want jeruk pak ali..i never heard of that name b4..luckily i saw pak ali signboard sebesar2 alam when i naek bas heading 2 jetty a day b4 raya cina..the jeruk price is more expensive than the other jeruk stall..gemoki-chan said its jeruk madu not jeruk biasa..i will try that later 2 know d different between that...

then we headed straight 2 QB 2 meet jane n atul..jane arrive there earlier than us while atul arrive late than us..we lunch at food court atas qb..i ate laab(rice+egg+chicken masak asam) and snow ice honey took us a while to choose the stall because we kind a was2 about the food there..

after that we window shop..many stores close today(CNY la)..we stop at elianto coz wanie wanna buy sumting and she end up buying lipdgloss n eyeliner..i feel like i wanna buy sumting too..but when i think that my make-up still bnyk lagi so i didnt buy anything...we jalan2 lagi..we masuk 1 kedai..i forgot bout the name of that store..all the stuff inside that store is imported from japan n i do believe in that because u can see the label of that product written in japanese word which i dun understand..there are a lot of unique items..we're getting last i bought myself a glove..hehehe..*nnt i nak pegi lagi kedai tue*

then we posing2 at the here are our pic:-

me, atul yang comey n wanie yang sweet..

me,atul n d jane yang fair..

jane,atul n wanie..

wanie,jane n me..

sadly after that we all have to balik umah because everybody has their own plan..i hope to meet u guys later..hehehe..