Friday, February 25, 2011

end of week 7

It's the end of week 7 of my study for this this means that only 7 week of class left..1 week of study week holiday and 2 weeks of final exam..then i will start my practical in USM..kind a thinking what type of cloth i wanna wear during practical..i dun have a lot of formal cloth..huhuhuhu..

skip bout that part..this week move faster and tireder(tired than before) than i ever thought it would be..i'm glad that it end well.. so here the plan for my weekend:-

1. watch the movie in my external(have a lot but i didnt have time to watch it due to my BZness)

2. blogwalking(love to see the cloth that they sell online but i cant buy it coz i'm in the middle of saving mode)

3. sleep till i tired of it..(aka ganti tido )

4. finish up my instrumentasi's lab report.. seems like i'm kind a bz dis here are some video that will cheer me against the gloomy time..



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