Monday, February 7, 2011

CNY eve

GUESS what???? this thing happen a day b4 CNY where ckin n i 'makan besar' at SEOUL GARDEN Gurney..hehehehe..4 who ever that never ever makan there yet plz try at least for 1 time in ur life or u're gonna regret it are a few tips when u wanna have lunch or dinner there..
1. if u have student card, use it. u can get cheaper price. see. u can see how useful ur matric card is right??
2. i prefer lunch time coz it cheaper than dinner..
3.make sure ur stomach is not empty n not so full.. when ur stomach is empty u can't eat a lot.. when it's full also..
4. i prefer satay sauce..but u can try any other sauce there coz they serve a lot of sauce type..
5. make sure that ur soup didnt terpercik at the cooking place or else u will have a free parut..(trasa cam wat precaution step dlm lab report lak..maklum la baru siap lab report..hehehehe)
6. make sure to take a lot of u cannot finish ur food u can hide it under the sea shell..(u need to pay extra if u cannot finish the food u cook)
7. ice cream is always better than abc..don't try 2 make your own abc coz mmg xsedap..better makan ice cream..

this is the giant rabbit that we found at the centre gurney..hehehe..rabbit 2 pink.. when i look at it i feel like i wanna have a pet rabbit..hehe..but i cant betray my lovely cats..sobsob..
on that day i also went to the 1st avenue n giant..sadly many stores at 1st avenue close becoz of the eve of CNY where all the chinese are having makan besar..huhu

that all that i can update..i now that i put this post is due to the pic..they was taken by ckin's hp cam..n i dont have time to blutooth them from here

gtg.. i have to study for my test on Wed n Thurs..wish me luck..


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