Monday, February 28, 2011

Avril Ramona Lavigne

Avril Lavigne..

i super duper love her since her 1st album Let Go in 2002(if i'm not mistaken)..i kind a crazy bout her song 'Complicated' & 'Skater boy' at that time..not only i love her songs but i also love

  • her cool style
mostly she wore sleeveless top and 3-quarter pants which make her look so cool..the way she wear her gothic..

  • her straight hair
i always know that mostly all high school girl love to have straight hair..its sort of like trend of the high school girl..if we go to the school and see 1 of our friend straighten her hair, everybody will be like-


for us at that time it is so expensive..come on..for high school girl hundreds is like a lot..still remember one of my friend said that straighten your hair is a waste..its like you're burning your money cause straighten is not permanent. when your hair grow, it will grow the original way.not the straight one..i agree with her thought now..but of cause i straighten my hair before and i love make my hair look less messy and softer but it won't last forever..if you ask me either i wanna straighten it now??i will think bout it..cause i think spending hundred on my hair is kinda a lot..i rather go shopping on clothes than spending it on my hair..

Back to avril, i also bought her ORIGINAL album at that time..of cause my mum paid for that..hehehe..

in 2004, she released her second album..UNDER MY SKIN.. she changed her style..from boyish to a little girl..if you buy her album, u can see that she wore black n red clothes with skirt..i like the 1st album more than the 2nd 1..n of cause i bought the original album again(paid by my mum)hehehe.

in 2006, her third album-The best damn thing-i didnt buy this album..i just take the songs from my friends who love to download songs..she dyed her hair blonde..her 1st single is girlfriend..i like the video clip..

then her latest album is

Goodbye Lullaby

i only know 1 song which is 'what the hell'..

besides being a singer,song writer n etc(that involve music), she's also have her own
  • perfume(forbidden rose and Black Star)
  • clothing line(Abbey Dawn).

2 all Malaysian, there are no store in Malaysia selling her product..hehehehe

Luckily i have a friends who study in London tell me that she found that perfume..she ask me which 1 that i want her to buy for me..

DENGAN TAMAKNYA i i ended up own her RM140..hehehehehe..cant wait to see her coming back to Malaysia during summer..