Monday, February 28, 2011

Avril Ramona Lavigne

Avril Lavigne..

i super duper love her since her 1st album Let Go in 2002(if i'm not mistaken)..i kind a crazy bout her song 'Complicated' & 'Skater boy' at that time..not only i love her songs but i also love

  • her cool style
mostly she wore sleeveless top and 3-quarter pants which make her look so cool..the way she wear her gothic..

  • her straight hair
i always know that mostly all high school girl love to have straight hair..its sort of like trend of the high school girl..if we go to the school and see 1 of our friend straighten her hair, everybody will be like-


for us at that time it is so expensive..come on..for high school girl hundreds is like a lot..still remember one of my friend said that straighten your hair is a waste..its like you're burning your money cause straighten is not permanent. when your hair grow, it will grow the original way.not the straight one..i agree with her thought now..but of cause i straighten my hair before and i love make my hair look less messy and softer but it won't last forever..if you ask me either i wanna straighten it now??i will think bout it..cause i think spending hundred on my hair is kinda a lot..i rather go shopping on clothes than spending it on my hair..

Back to avril, i also bought her ORIGINAL album at that time..of cause my mum paid for that..hehehe..

in 2004, she released her second album..UNDER MY SKIN.. she changed her style..from boyish to a little girl..if you buy her album, u can see that she wore black n red clothes with skirt..i like the 1st album more than the 2nd 1..n of cause i bought the original album again(paid by my mum)hehehe.

in 2006, her third album-The best damn thing-i didnt buy this album..i just take the songs from my friends who love to download songs..she dyed her hair blonde..her 1st single is girlfriend..i like the video clip..

then her latest album is

Goodbye Lullaby

i only know 1 song which is 'what the hell'..

besides being a singer,song writer n etc(that involve music), she's also have her own
  • perfume(forbidden rose and Black Star)
  • clothing line(Abbey Dawn).

2 all Malaysian, there are no store in Malaysia selling her product..hehehehe

Luckily i have a friends who study in London tell me that she found that perfume..she ask me which 1 that i want her to buy for me..

DENGAN TAMAKNYA i i ended up own her RM140..hehehehehe..cant wait to see her coming back to Malaysia during summer..


Sunday, February 27, 2011 it her closet??

i bet that everybody knows her..1 of the richest girl in the world..she has her own business(perfume, clothes, shoes, bag n etc) look at what i've found at youtube..

her closet is bigger than the store at the shopping complex..


Friday, February 25, 2011

end of week 7

It's the end of week 7 of my study for this this means that only 7 week of class left..1 week of study week holiday and 2 weeks of final exam..then i will start my practical in USM..kind a thinking what type of cloth i wanna wear during practical..i dun have a lot of formal cloth..huhuhuhu..

skip bout that part..this week move faster and tireder(tired than before) than i ever thought it would be..i'm glad that it end well.. so here the plan for my weekend:-

1. watch the movie in my external(have a lot but i didnt have time to watch it due to my BZness)

2. blogwalking(love to see the cloth that they sell online but i cant buy it coz i'm in the middle of saving mode)

3. sleep till i tired of it..(aka ganti tido )

4. finish up my instrumentasi's lab report.. seems like i'm kind a bz dis here are some video that will cheer me against the gloomy time..



Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011


i went to ALAMANDA, putrajaya just now with Gemoki-Chan..

we MAKAN2 at foodcourt..

food-black paper chicken rice

i never know that it has this is what i said to tukang masak..

misz-yang no 30 tue xnak taugeh eh..yang no 33 xpe..

tukang masak-yang no 33 tue mmg xde taugeh..


drink-ice lemon tea

then we jalan2 kat MPH and i saw


i bought it..i madly love this manga..i like kouru's drawing..very kawai..i collect almost all of her comics except for helious eclipse..its not because i don't like is because i miss to collect at the 3rd book so i stop to buy it(berharap agar 1 of my friend, Rina beli but she didnt buy it..huhu)

then we went to NOSE..i admired this watch since last tuesday..last tuesday GEMOKI-CHAN offer to belikan this watch 4 me..but.............
Gemoki-Chan: cantik..
misz: aa..
gemoki-chan: nak ke?i belikan
misz: xnak la..(menjawab dengan berlagaknya)

then on that night i TERINGAT-INGAT at that watch..i love the pink one.. but when i tried them on my hand(all the diff colour of that watch-pink, red-brown and black) it turned out that the black one is the nicest.. so i decided to buy the black one.. here is THAT watch that i adore..i like it because of its unique shape and its tali..hehehe..the best thing is it has 20% shopaholic..its time for you to go to the nearest NOSE store and grab something that make your eyes pop..


Matsumoto Jun

kenalkah anda dengan mamat nie??
pernahkah anda tengok dia kat mana2?

i only accept YES for the answer of these questions??


let me start on how i TERPIKIR that i wanna post about him..2 nights ago, in the middle of midnight, after i tiredly coming back from K2 which i did my burger business, Zati came to my room, excitedly to exchange movie with she gave me hana yori dango final(which i've never watch it before becoz i didnt find that movie..) last night i watched that movie at 1am..YEAY..hehehehe..he's so handsome like always..

i think that i already forgot how much i admire him before..hehehehe..1st i know him in hana yori dango 1. my 1st impression on the 1st episode:- sape la mamat nie..cmne la dia ble jadi hero..xencem pun(his hair curly-curly perm in that movie)..pas2 evil lak 2...

after looking at his face lama2..then i realize how cute he is..hehehehehe..then i fall in love(hehehehehe)..then i started to info bout his songs and video..(kan bagus if i wat cmnie time study)..and not to forget i try my best to search for the movie that he acted...

antara movie that he acted are:-
hana yori dango 1,2 and final..
his hair is curl in this make him look xcute for a few 1st episode..

kimi wa petto..
he acted as momo..he can dance well in this movie..siap menari bellet lak 2..

Gokusen 1
he's super duper cute in this movie..with his highlight hair and the hairstyle it make him looks very 2 cute..especially when he's smile..

this is Arashi..he's 1 of the member of this group..he's also can sing n dance well..

got to go..wanna hang out at alamanda..


Friday, February 18, 2011

today's XTVT


i just BERMALAS-MALASAN with mr.gemok..


he's look weird w/o his ribbon actually..

i tried to jahit it back but sadly..xble..huhu..

i think i overslept today..

as a result i feel PENING-PENING..

erm..nk tido lagi



Wednesday, February 16, 2011


just after d maulidur rasul my life become hectic..

last night i had 2 jual burger(4 mgm class)

today i went to d class dizziness(coz i didnt ate rice yesterday-logik kah???)

tonight i have to jual burger again..

tommorrow i have computer test(which i dont study yet)

if tonight i am going to jual burger so when can i study for my test????

i hope that dis friday comes faster..

i wanna rest..

then on weekend i wanna go to alamanda wif Gemoki-chan(nak beli jam yg i suka kat NOSE n google jeans)

really2 need to rest right now..



Monday, February 14, 2011

Love daY

14 feb

-familiar with the Valentine Day which cannot be celebrated by Muslim

-i like 2 wish -Happy Valentine day to all my friends but i didnt celebrate it

-i think that we dun need to wait until this date to show our love

14 feb 2011
-my love day
-my 2nd year anniversary with Gemoki-Chan..hehehehe..
-tq Gemoki-chan 4 always bersabar with me yang gila..hehehe


Saturday, February 12, 2011

ice skating

hello dear...

its been a a while since i wrote sumting here..i am so bengang today coz i of my BFF told me that i was on9 at ym and ask her to do a stupid quiz..i didnt online ym recently..who ever hijacking my ym is not so cool..i wish that he/she will die soon..enough with all that thing..i've done 2/3 of my test last week..frankly i done think i can answer them well..i have another 1 test this coming thursday which i didnt study yet..after finishing the test on thursday we decided to release tension by:

Plan:going to Sunway
main activity: ice skating
day/date: friday/11.2.2011
transportation: public transport
people involve: me, zura, nisa, roe,paah n jira

it is my 1st time going to sunway..hehehe..i dun feel like i wanna go there b4 coz i hate public transportation.. i rather not going to that place than taking public transport..but because of i deeply feel like i wanna try to play ice skating i, so i decided to go(BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT.arghhhh...)..i dunno y people like to use is better to be stuck in the jam(at least u can sit still, not standing in crowded).. u can say i'm mengada2 or what but i dun care..besides that u can see that the a lot of foreigner used that train or buses. i didnt mean the exchange students..i mean the "indon" n "bangla" and yang sewaktu dengannya..i dun feel save whenever i'm in public transport..a lot of pencuri also like to board the public transport and coz a lot of citizen lost their wallet n handphone..i nevere experience this b4..but it happened to my friends..

when we arrived there, all of us were so hungry..we decided to have lunch at A&W..suddenly i miss my parents..both of them always bring me to A&W KOMTAR when i'm small..we always went there not because of the food but because there was a playground inside that A&W..hehe..but the root beer there is the best..

so here are some random pics that we took at sunway..

a piece of advise to whoever dat never ice skate b4:-
-bring ur glove and stocking(or else u have to buy it there)
-try ur best to didnt langgar other people and avoid urself from dilanggar(so that u xjatuh)
-makan 1st b4 u play coz once u go out u cannot go back in back..
-u have to try it coz it is different from rollerblading(which i found it more difficult than rollerblading)

that's all..i have something that i need to cover..bubye..


Monday, February 7, 2011

CNY eve

GUESS what???? this thing happen a day b4 CNY where ckin n i 'makan besar' at SEOUL GARDEN Gurney..hehehehe..4 who ever that never ever makan there yet plz try at least for 1 time in ur life or u're gonna regret it are a few tips when u wanna have lunch or dinner there..
1. if u have student card, use it. u can get cheaper price. see. u can see how useful ur matric card is right??
2. i prefer lunch time coz it cheaper than dinner..
3.make sure ur stomach is not empty n not so full.. when ur stomach is empty u can't eat a lot.. when it's full also..
4. i prefer satay sauce..but u can try any other sauce there coz they serve a lot of sauce type..
5. make sure that ur soup didnt terpercik at the cooking place or else u will have a free parut..(trasa cam wat precaution step dlm lab report lak..maklum la baru siap lab report..hehehehe)
6. make sure to take a lot of u cannot finish ur food u can hide it under the sea shell..(u need to pay extra if u cannot finish the food u cook)
7. ice cream is always better than abc..don't try 2 make your own abc coz mmg xsedap..better makan ice cream..

this is the giant rabbit that we found at the centre gurney..hehehe..rabbit 2 pink.. when i look at it i feel like i wanna have a pet rabbit..hehe..but i cant betray my lovely cats..sobsob..
on that day i also went to the 1st avenue n giant..sadly many stores at 1st avenue close becoz of the eve of CNY where all the chinese are having makan besar..huhu

that all that i can update..i now that i put this post is due to the pic..they was taken by ckin's hp cam..n i dont have time to blutooth them from here

gtg.. i have to study for my test on Wed n Thurs..wish me luck..


Friday, February 4, 2011

~Hang ouT~

today i went to QB 2 meet my x-high school classmate from 4&5 pearl..sadly farhana cannot join us today because she is at cameron highland..miss them so much(dah lama xjumpa them)..the real plan is to have lunch with Jane..we seldom meet her because she study in Australia..n she normally come back 2 penang once a year..during her summer, she's celebrating CNY in penang this year..she loves to meet us 2day eventhough she has dinner tonight...hehehehehe

i woke up early today(at 8 sumthg am-i tjaga then xble tido balik..huhu-)..then went out from home at 11 sumtg..i drop by to my aunty house to hantar her barang2(serai,daun pandan).hehehehe..she like to pesan that thing coz she live in a flat so she cannot tanam it..i live in kampung so my mum tanam a lot of that pokok2..*cakap je nk apa mesti ada..hehehehe..*

after that i went to wanie's home to fetch her..*trasa cm i drive keta lak men jemput2 org..hehehe*so we went to kedai jeruk Pak Ali 2 buy jeruk for Gemoki-Chan..he's very specific and demand..there are alot of kedai jeruk in penang but he want jeruk pak ali..i never heard of that name b4..luckily i saw pak ali signboard sebesar2 alam when i naek bas heading 2 jetty a day b4 raya cina..the jeruk price is more expensive than the other jeruk stall..gemoki-chan said its jeruk madu not jeruk biasa..i will try that later 2 know d different between that...

then we headed straight 2 QB 2 meet jane n atul..jane arrive there earlier than us while atul arrive late than us..we lunch at food court atas qb..i ate laab(rice+egg+chicken masak asam) and snow ice honey took us a while to choose the stall because we kind a was2 about the food there..

after that we window shop..many stores close today(CNY la)..we stop at elianto coz wanie wanna buy sumting and she end up buying lipdgloss n eyeliner..i feel like i wanna buy sumting too..but when i think that my make-up still bnyk lagi so i didnt buy anything...we jalan2 lagi..we masuk 1 kedai..i forgot bout the name of that store..all the stuff inside that store is imported from japan n i do believe in that because u can see the label of that product written in japanese word which i dun understand..there are a lot of unique items..we're getting last i bought myself a glove..hehehe..*nnt i nak pegi lagi kedai tue*

then we posing2 at the here are our pic:-

me, atul yang comey n wanie yang sweet..

me,atul n d jane yang fair..

jane,atul n wanie..

wanie,jane n me..

sadly after that we all have to balik umah because everybody has their own plan..i hope to meet u guys later..hehehe..


Thursday, February 3, 2011

new thing on my blog..

i actually dunno y i created this blog actually..i created it becoz it seems fun..but after watching vampire diaries i admire sentence.sumting like diary can help us to remember what happened.well i this case people nowadays modern it by blogging..hehehe..memory r precious..i still remember clearly how prof. dumbledoor(i dunno how to spell his name) in Harry Potter take out his memories so that he can view them again.

so back to d topic are a few things that i added to my blog..*still learning.hehehe*

-d nuffnag advertisement (click la if rajin..hehe)

-no right click(tengok org lain wat trasa nak wat gak)

-d hit counter(just 4 my info)

i am so naive bout i learn it from blog walking..seeing some1 else blog is fun.. there r certain blog which teach on how to improve blogging n how to improve or add sumting in d blog..still learning..hehehehe..



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

R U a shopaholic????

i realize that my money flow faster than my budget..i know that i spend a lot of them on clothes and expensive food..i really like 2 hang out at the mall and have lunch at the nice restaurant like:-
for clothes i really like to step my feet at:-
i do believe that it is worth to buy branded clothes during sale than buying non-branded clothes..padini always do sales up to 70% which i can but 1 shirt at rm1+..i think that it is cheaper than the non-branded clothes', when i think that the clothes r cheap then i will go there like memborong inside that store..

so here is a link to a shopaholic quiz if u confuse either u r a shopaholic or not..