Saturday, January 8, 2011

subjek2 yg aku amek sem nie..

sem nie aku amek 18 jam kedit je..
ada 4 subjek plus 1 practical..
so i xble dpt result yg truk even 4 one subject coz i dun have enough subject to back up..

-intrumentasi dlm pnyelidikan biotech(2credit hours)
xblaja lagi..class dia sejam je..on monday..klu la aku xmek subjek nie sem nie confirm aku xkan ada class hri isnin..huhuhu..but senior said that dis subject is easy 2 score..even d lecturer also said d same thing..

-fermentation tech(4 ch)
mcm susah je..PA aku yg aja subjek nie..lab dia demand..nk lab report individual..nk ada buku log(I4get bout the book far i hope that i can score this subject..4 jam kedit 2..klu xscore pointer ble jatuh...

-asas keusahawanan(3ch)
no final exam 4 dis subject..but there a lot of assgment n presentation about business that wait 4 me..btw our business sugestion about selling kerepek was rejested by dr su last we need to think about some other product that we might be able to sell inside the university..i think that the most suitable things to sell inside here is food..coz student always buy food..other things they prefer to get them when they go out from upm..

i 4get the real title 4 dia subject but it is mainly all about the computer basic..gemoki-chan ckp susah nk score coz soalan dia difficult..but i hope that this subject will membantu my result...hehehe

which do not involve wif my jadual internship will be done on may till jun for 6 weeks..i sent my chosen address to dr phang last wed.. then she replied my msg saying that i didnt submit my cv i submit it..she said that my letter is ready 4 posting..i hope that i will be accepted to that place that i chose..

so far my schedule pack on tuesday n wednesday..i really dun like to have class on that time i must feel tired already so that i can concentrate on anything..

i hope that dis sem will be better than before..wish me luck..


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