Friday, January 14, 2011

Pic dlm my hp yg i xpnah upload kat tenet..

sometimes i like to take pic using my hp (ofcoz it is bcoz i dun have any cam) but i always didnot upload it(especially on fb) is becoz=
a. i am so malas
b.i totally forget bout it
c.i dunno

donashi..i took dis pic just now..bought by zati at alamanda..i saja je kirim coz trasa tingin nk makan..i think i like donashi better than donat coz xmanis sgt so xla trasa muak.. lovely cat..she is inside my red luggage..she sgt suka masuk dlm mama said mebbe it is because when my parents took her they put her on a she likes to go into the box n begs..weird huh??

steamboat at johny' dec last year i ate at johnys wif miza afta watching harry potter..caya la miza..tq 4 blanja me..hehehe

it is d box of the tea set that i bought as a present for my mum..ckin n i took a long time choosing the right 1 to buy for my mum...

this is awang..(people always ask me-y did u always give ur cat people's name??-n i always answered-i dad gave all d cat's name)..awang really love to eat..he only love my mum..he's standing besides his food..

the kulit siput at underwater world langkawi..

ikan pari at underwater world..i wanted to take my pic wif the background of this fish behind me...but when i posing cantik2 ikan nie wat xtau je..

i took dis pic..zaem n penguin..

at 1st expression-weird..they have kereta tolak to ratakan pasir at langkawi..

having lunch at carls' jr..always went there wif zaem coz i xmampu nk g there sorg2..we usually buy 1 burger then we share..

this lembu belongs to eni..hehe..suka tgk kat perut dia ada love2..i took this pic last year new year when went to her house at selayang..

chocolate ice blended at secret recipe..i dun remember when..but i noe that this pic was taken at gurney when i have to blanja ckin makan at secret recipe..

free j co yogurt that i get when i work part time at qb..everything is great when it's free..hehehe

free j co donut sample..i really love this donut compare to the other donut at j co..but it is not worth to buy it there coz it had the same price wif the other fancy2 donut..

d corak of my cadar that i bought at OU when i hangout with rina n afza..

d ice cream that i n ckin had at the kenny rogers..go submarine..

late awang..i love u n i miss u..may Allah bless u..

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