Saturday, January 15, 2011

i'm not feeling well today

if only i could say
"shut up!!ur voices are so annoying"

but i dun wanna be meany or bitchy right now..

i'm not feeling well since yesterday actually..starting with sakit tekak then the flue(which is making me crazy coz i couldnt sleep well) pas2 i trasa like having a fever..for d 1st time in college's room i slept with the fan's lowest speed(aka 1 la...)..da 2 penadol i telan since yesterday but it seems like i still didnt recovered yet..

n rite now the bitch who stay in front of my room are having a good time wif her friends n making a lot of bising..xsuka betul..nie yg trasa nak ngamuk n maki2 orang..

i penah gak mngamuk kat dorg last sem..ada 1 night i was very tired n i hope that i can sleep well suddenly they make a surprise party to their fren..(hello..go celebrate somewhere else..its midnight stupid)..they all terjerit2 mcm kambing hilang kaki..but that kambing lagi comel la if nak compare ngan they noisy until i xtahan so i pun jerit dengan nada marah..but because of their stupidity they just silent for a while..

i think that they are rude..they need to learn how to respect other people privacy..

-respect my privacy-

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