Friday, January 21, 2011

hanging out..

i went to TS yesterday wif my cosmate(zura,paah,roe,nisa n jira)..i am suppose to go to my fren's house actually but smthing matter happen so we cancel that plan last minute..we went to TS with 1 mission..which is


actually i dun plan on shopping on that day because i think i have enough stuff..erm..i wont say enough coz i have more than enough of new

clothes-all that i bought a day before new year which i never wear them b4
bags-i didnt use the 1 that was given by my mum
shoes-i have a lot of shoes which i jarang pakai..mebbe it is coz they r wedges..n i'm a little bias by choosing to use my crocs all the time

but went i step my feet on TS n i saw this bag my heart beats faster than d other word trasa nk beli la 2..but i keep on thinking that -i dun need a new bag coz i have d white 1 which i never wear b4-..

we had lunch at johny's..we chose the set 4 banyak n a lot of food that we dunno what is it but we still eat that..hehehe..paah belanja us sempena her birthday..tq dear..

after that we start to shopping where i bought myself:-

a bag..i like the design of the tempat galas of this bef which is unique n the design of its stud..there r two colors of this bag..the dark blue which i bought n black..i really like the black 1 actually but i already have a black bag(my mango) so i chose THIS..

a cloth..i dah lama nak beli a flower pattern shirt but i didnt find d design that i like..but when i saw this cloth at 1 kedai which i cant even remember the name or location i saw this baju so i just grab is very cheap..rm17.90..but it is so labuh so i plan on going to hanta dis baju to my jiran 2 cut it n make it short..hehe..

i just realize that it is the 1st time since a long time ago that i didnt buy unbranded stuff..i usually went shopping at padini, nichii,mango,jusco or etc because i think that i can get cheaper branded item when it is on sale compare to the unbranded shop..

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