Monday, January 31, 2011

end of jan 2011

well its been a month of 2011..and my kittens' age also a month..they grow up quickly..they can walk n gedik2 already..but they are all black n tomcat!!!my hand full with scar because their mum blasah me when i try to take her boys..huhu..sakit tau...

btw just now i went to PAH(png adventist hosp) for my monthly checkup..i changed my getah color to pink n black..haiihhh..bila la nak ble bka braces lambat lagi je..when i finish checkup then suddently 1 of the nurse come into that room and said that my rubber color is the same as her rubber color now..hehehe..its a coincidence..i chose that color last dec actually but at that time dr ang didnt change my i decided to choose that color again today..for next month i want to choose purple..hehe..

after that i went to buy my bus ticket..but sadly the ticket for sunday b4 4pm all sold out so i have to buy the ticket at 4pm..i'm afraid if the traffic at the highway is bad on that day because all people are going back to their hoem from kampung after CNY..but on d other side i'm so happy that my bus is in d late noon so i can wake up late on that day..hehehehe

then i went to QB(window shop)..erm the bracelet that i like at forever 21 cos about 50 mahal..better i use that money 2 buy cardign at far i dun seem to find a cloth that i jimat duet i for this month..

ermm..feel sleepy right now..nak tido dulu..nyte2..

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