Sunday, January 2, 2011

2nd jan..

im going back 2 upm by 7.30 am bus from penang..i reached at station kl at 12..then i naek komuter...luckily that when i smpai there n komuter trus smpai..afta dat i nek bus upm..inside that bus pakcik nas 2 asyik bsg2 je sbb student suka tnya soalan kat dia bus nie masuk kolej x..i rasa it is his duty 2 answer that ques not 2 berleter..hello...we paid 4 the bus service..

when i reached at my college i straight away go to the office and took my room's key..of coz i got the same room..i took all my bags from the store n kemas ckit2 pas2 i trus tired..i bangun kul 6 tau pagi tadi..then i woke up n keep on kemas2 barang..

malam lak i g fc wif my frens..we sembang2 n makan2...then heading back to my buhsan here..i wish that i'm home..i mis my mum n dad..n also awang n lily...i bet lily must be missing me n mebbe she cari2 me at home..


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