Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st jan

new year...

i dunno where i should start writing coz nothing happen 2day..i just stay at home..i planning on going out to my aunty house but its mebbe i can go to her house during my cny break..omg i can't wait 4 d cny break..i really dun feel like i like 2 stay at n be nerd there..n having a buhsan day there..

i have baby cat 2day..i never thought that i will have new year baby in my house..hehe...i didnt see them yet but i heard their voices coming from my dad's old room..well i guess i can meet them during cny break coz right now i dun feel like wanna disturb them..people said that if we touch the new born kitten their mum will ignore them or kill them..actually i dun really believe in that theory coz i always play with d newborn kittens..i hope that they are cute..hehehe

lily is having her same routine..she always lick her fur for hours before she can actually fall menyusahkan...last night she kacau me tido...i dunno y she become hyperactive in the middle of d nite..

2moro mornong im going back 2 upm..i dont pack my stuffs mum da bising2 suh kemas brg..hehe..



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