Monday, January 31, 2011

end of jan 2011

well its been a month of 2011..and my kittens' age also a month..they grow up quickly..they can walk n gedik2 already..but they are all black n tomcat!!!my hand full with scar because their mum blasah me when i try to take her boys..huhu..sakit tau...

btw just now i went to PAH(png adventist hosp) for my monthly checkup..i changed my getah color to pink n black..haiihhh..bila la nak ble bka braces lambat lagi je..when i finish checkup then suddently 1 of the nurse come into that room and said that my rubber color is the same as her rubber color now..hehehe..its a coincidence..i chose that color last dec actually but at that time dr ang didnt change my i decided to choose that color again today..for next month i want to choose purple..hehe..

after that i went to buy my bus ticket..but sadly the ticket for sunday b4 4pm all sold out so i have to buy the ticket at 4pm..i'm afraid if the traffic at the highway is bad on that day because all people are going back to their hoem from kampung after CNY..but on d other side i'm so happy that my bus is in d late noon so i can wake up late on that day..hehehehe

then i went to QB(window shop)..erm the bracelet that i like at forever 21 cos about 50 mahal..better i use that money 2 buy cardign at far i dun seem to find a cloth that i jimat duet i for this month..

ermm..feel sleepy right now..nak tido dulu..nyte2..

Sunday, January 23, 2011


kalau dulu2 i really suka makan mashed potato kat kfc n my mum always jadi mangsa keadaan where she had 2 eat coleslaw coz i really2 dun like it..i dun actually like 2 eat vegetables..but now under certain circumstances, it change..i mean my mum doesnt change but i changed..i like coleslaw now..rasa sedap when i eat it with the bun..that bun taste sweet..

tadi i teman gemoki-chan makan at mcD..i just had some tea..eventhough i dun really like hot drink but i have to had it due 2 my health condition..its been 2 days that i had hot tea at mcD..(yesterday n today..*trasa cm hari2 makan mcD lak..hehehe)

after makan i gtau gemoki-chan i nk tapau coleslaw at KFC..hehehe..trasa sgt excited time beli..i siap beli yg LARGE(tamak giler)..skrg bila da ada at room trasa my food sgt bnyk..boleh ke nk abehkan..huhuhuhuhu..

Friday, January 21, 2011

hanging out..

i went to TS yesterday wif my cosmate(zura,paah,roe,nisa n jira)..i am suppose to go to my fren's house actually but smthing matter happen so we cancel that plan last minute..we went to TS with 1 mission..which is


actually i dun plan on shopping on that day because i think i have enough stuff..erm..i wont say enough coz i have more than enough of new

clothes-all that i bought a day before new year which i never wear them b4
bags-i didnt use the 1 that was given by my mum
shoes-i have a lot of shoes which i jarang pakai..mebbe it is coz they r wedges..n i'm a little bias by choosing to use my crocs all the time

but went i step my feet on TS n i saw this bag my heart beats faster than d other word trasa nk beli la 2..but i keep on thinking that -i dun need a new bag coz i have d white 1 which i never wear b4-..

we had lunch at johny's..we chose the set 4 banyak n a lot of food that we dunno what is it but we still eat that..hehehe..paah belanja us sempena her birthday..tq dear..

after that we start to shopping where i bought myself:-

a bag..i like the design of the tempat galas of this bef which is unique n the design of its stud..there r two colors of this bag..the dark blue which i bought n black..i really like the black 1 actually but i already have a black bag(my mango) so i chose THIS..

a cloth..i dah lama nak beli a flower pattern shirt but i didnt find d design that i like..but when i saw this cloth at 1 kedai which i cant even remember the name or location i saw this baju so i just grab is very cheap..rm17.90..but it is so labuh so i plan on going to hanta dis baju to my jiran 2 cut it n make it short..hehe..

i just realize that it is the 1st time since a long time ago that i didnt buy unbranded stuff..i usually went shopping at padini, nichii,mango,jusco or etc because i think that i can get cheaper branded item when it is on sale compare to the unbranded shop..

Monday, January 17, 2011

pegi amek ubat kat pku

1st of all PKU is pusat kesihatan universiti..usually when a upm students r sick they can go there n get a free treatment..all free including the medicine except for the dental part which we have to pay(very2 cheap)..scaling for only rm4!!!c..very cheap right..

i nak ambil banyak2 ubat tau..because i pay 4 d medical service in my fee..walaupun xsampai 50ingt tp aku baya gak..tapi xsempat aku nak wat senarai penyakit2 aku dr 2 da suh aku p amek xsempat nak minta multiV..

last2 dapat ubat batuk n flue je..ubat demam dia xbagi pun..w'pun aku xdemam tp kekadang rasa cam nk, this are the med that she gave me..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

i'm not feeling well today

if only i could say
"shut up!!ur voices are so annoying"

but i dun wanna be meany or bitchy right now..

i'm not feeling well since yesterday actually..starting with sakit tekak then the flue(which is making me crazy coz i couldnt sleep well) pas2 i trasa like having a fever..for d 1st time in college's room i slept with the fan's lowest speed(aka 1 la...)..da 2 penadol i telan since yesterday but it seems like i still didnt recovered yet..

n rite now the bitch who stay in front of my room are having a good time wif her friends n making a lot of bising..xsuka betul..nie yg trasa nak ngamuk n maki2 orang..

i penah gak mngamuk kat dorg last sem..ada 1 night i was very tired n i hope that i can sleep well suddenly they make a surprise party to their fren..(hello..go celebrate somewhere else..its midnight stupid)..they all terjerit2 mcm kambing hilang kaki..but that kambing lagi comel la if nak compare ngan they noisy until i xtahan so i pun jerit dengan nada marah..but because of their stupidity they just silent for a while..

i think that they are rude..they need to learn how to respect other people privacy..

-respect my privacy-

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pic dlm my hp yg i xpnah upload kat tenet..

sometimes i like to take pic using my hp (ofcoz it is bcoz i dun have any cam) but i always didnot upload it(especially on fb) is becoz=
a. i am so malas
b.i totally forget bout it
c.i dunno

donashi..i took dis pic just now..bought by zati at alamanda..i saja je kirim coz trasa tingin nk makan..i think i like donashi better than donat coz xmanis sgt so xla trasa muak.. lovely cat..she is inside my red luggage..she sgt suka masuk dlm mama said mebbe it is because when my parents took her they put her on a she likes to go into the box n begs..weird huh??

steamboat at johny' dec last year i ate at johnys wif miza afta watching harry potter..caya la miza..tq 4 blanja me..hehehe

it is d box of the tea set that i bought as a present for my mum..ckin n i took a long time choosing the right 1 to buy for my mum...

this is awang..(people always ask me-y did u always give ur cat people's name??-n i always answered-i dad gave all d cat's name)..awang really love to eat..he only love my mum..he's standing besides his food..

the kulit siput at underwater world langkawi..

ikan pari at underwater world..i wanted to take my pic wif the background of this fish behind me...but when i posing cantik2 ikan nie wat xtau je..

i took dis pic..zaem n penguin..

at 1st expression-weird..they have kereta tolak to ratakan pasir at langkawi..

having lunch at carls' jr..always went there wif zaem coz i xmampu nk g there sorg2..we usually buy 1 burger then we share..

this lembu belongs to eni..hehe..suka tgk kat perut dia ada love2..i took this pic last year new year when went to her house at selayang..

chocolate ice blended at secret recipe..i dun remember when..but i noe that this pic was taken at gurney when i have to blanja ckin makan at secret recipe..

free j co yogurt that i get when i work part time at qb..everything is great when it's free..hehehe

free j co donut sample..i really love this donut compare to the other donut at j co..but it is not worth to buy it there coz it had the same price wif the other fancy2 donut..

d corak of my cadar that i bought at OU when i hangout with rina n afza..

d ice cream that i n ckin had at the kenny rogers..go submarine..

late awang..i love u n i miss u..may Allah bless u..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

subjek2 yg aku amek sem nie..

sem nie aku amek 18 jam kedit je..
ada 4 subjek plus 1 practical..
so i xble dpt result yg truk even 4 one subject coz i dun have enough subject to back up..

-intrumentasi dlm pnyelidikan biotech(2credit hours)
xblaja lagi..class dia sejam je..on monday..klu la aku xmek subjek nie sem nie confirm aku xkan ada class hri isnin..huhuhu..but senior said that dis subject is easy 2 score..even d lecturer also said d same thing..

-fermentation tech(4 ch)
mcm susah je..PA aku yg aja subjek nie..lab dia demand..nk lab report individual..nk ada buku log(I4get bout the book far i hope that i can score this subject..4 jam kedit 2..klu xscore pointer ble jatuh...

-asas keusahawanan(3ch)
no final exam 4 dis subject..but there a lot of assgment n presentation about business that wait 4 me..btw our business sugestion about selling kerepek was rejested by dr su last we need to think about some other product that we might be able to sell inside the university..i think that the most suitable things to sell inside here is food..coz student always buy food..other things they prefer to get them when they go out from upm..

i 4get the real title 4 dia subject but it is mainly all about the computer basic..gemoki-chan ckp susah nk score coz soalan dia difficult..but i hope that this subject will membantu my result...hehehe

which do not involve wif my jadual internship will be done on may till jun for 6 weeks..i sent my chosen address to dr phang last wed.. then she replied my msg saying that i didnt submit my cv i submit it..she said that my letter is ready 4 posting..i hope that i will be accepted to that place that i chose..

so far my schedule pack on tuesday n wednesday..i really dun like to have class on that time i must feel tired already so that i can concentrate on anything..

i hope that dis sem will be better than before..wish me luck..


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


today - wednesday..3rd day of my class
class schedule -xpack tp ada class ptg until 7pm
mode - pnat n buhsan
currently listening - ignorance(paramore)..only girl(rihanna)
thinking bout - cuti..nk blik umah..
currently doing - on9..check mail..fb..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4th jan..

semalam so penat..i tido awal..i ada 1 class je on monday..rugi toi..klu xde class lgi bagus so i cuti 4 hari..ble blek png slalu..

so i bangun awal gak 2day..ada class komputer from 10-12...senior i kata i ble drop that subjek...sygnya xtau awal2..klu x xyh amek dah subjek 2..huhu..then i balik tapau makanan kat fc..pas2 g class lagi..lab ferment..1st day lab..mesti la kejap je..pas2 balik blik rest jap..trasa penat ada 1 more class petang tdi..lab komputer da beh class..trasa very penat...

now i nk hnta email kat dr phang bout the place of my LI..of coz i chose USM..dekat..jimat duet..hopefully that dat place accept me..hehehe..amin..

skrg i lepak dlm bilik je..trasa buhsan..nk kua tp gemoki-chan ada meeting lak..i should go to d mall 2 relax..coz mall is d only place that i like to go when i tensyen..klu kat png senang je nk g mall..nie yg trasa rindu nk blik umah..cepat la cuti....

i miss d time when i lepak wif my muvie..maen ngn lily..i miss her..


Sunday, January 2, 2011

2nd jan..

im going back 2 upm by 7.30 am bus from penang..i reached at station kl at 12..then i naek komuter...luckily that when i smpai there n komuter trus smpai..afta dat i nek bus upm..inside that bus pakcik nas 2 asyik bsg2 je sbb student suka tnya soalan kat dia bus nie masuk kolej x..i rasa it is his duty 2 answer that ques not 2 berleter..hello...we paid 4 the bus service..

when i reached at my college i straight away go to the office and took my room's key..of coz i got the same room..i took all my bags from the store n kemas ckit2 pas2 i trus tired..i bangun kul 6 tau pagi tadi..then i woke up n keep on kemas2 barang..

malam lak i g fc wif my frens..we sembang2 n makan2...then heading back to my buhsan here..i wish that i'm home..i mis my mum n dad..n also awang n lily...i bet lily must be missing me n mebbe she cari2 me at home..


Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st jan

new year...

i dunno where i should start writing coz nothing happen 2day..i just stay at home..i planning on going out to my aunty house but its mebbe i can go to her house during my cny break..omg i can't wait 4 d cny break..i really dun feel like i like 2 stay at n be nerd there..n having a buhsan day there..

i have baby cat 2day..i never thought that i will have new year baby in my house..hehe...i didnt see them yet but i heard their voices coming from my dad's old room..well i guess i can meet them during cny break coz right now i dun feel like wanna disturb them..people said that if we touch the new born kitten their mum will ignore them or kill them..actually i dun really believe in that theory coz i always play with d newborn kittens..i hope that they are cute..hehehe

lily is having her same routine..she always lick her fur for hours before she can actually fall menyusahkan...last night she kacau me tido...i dunno y she become hyperactive in the middle of d nite..

2moro mornong im going back 2 upm..i dont pack my stuffs mum da bising2 suh kemas brg..hehe..