Friday, December 31, 2010

new year...

its new year..2011..i'm 23 dis year..trasa like very parents already staying at home..i dun like 2 celebrate new year outside..i hate crowdness..lily is sleeping versetily 2nite..wif hanger??i still remember when she's really mad at me when i mandikan her petang's the 1st time she mad at u lily..i hope that u will survive without yot by ur side..dun worry..we will always love n remember bout him..

lily sleeping happily on my computer table after menolak mostly barang2 on dat table..

so, what did i do a day b4 new year??? -shopping at qb n habiskan duet dgn membeli ~baju at brand outlet store ~baju at mango ~fish oil at watson ~.... at jusco -makan free at kenny bcoz ckin blanja i...thats y i suka ada kawan yg dah keja..hehehe -continue shoping again at sunshine n dis time i bought a sweater 4 me..i really need it eventhough i have enough sweater..hehehe..i think i'm a shopaholic..hehehe

ermm..its new year..i dun have any azam since years2 b4..but i hope that dis year will be better..i hope that the love among my family makin bertambah2..i hope dat gemoki-chan makin love me..i hope that my cat makin study makin better..n my duet makin banyak....hehehehehehehe...

happy new year again...


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

its been a long time since i last update my blog..that happened bcoz-
-i malas nk update..
-i dun have anything 2 rite coz im bz lepak2 at home
-there no line 2 on9 coz i didnt pay my brdband..

my parents r watching football match msia vs indon..i xtrasa nk tengok..i just wanna watch national treasure 2 at my laptop 2nite..lily is sleeping on my computer table..i hope that she will sleep nicely tonite so she dont disturb my sleep later..

i'm going back 2 serdang dis sunday..rasa xhappy sgt...xsukanya balik sna..malasnya nk blaja...even if d semester end i still cannot relax coz i have my internship waiting 4 me..

gemoki-chan is bz in d camp rite now..buhsan toi..k..i nk watch muvie jap..