Saturday, November 27, 2010

mis.picnic..batu frigghi

on tues i think about -da lama xg picnic..then trus tePK penang hill aka bukit bendera..then my aunty call and ajak me join her picnic at batu fringghi on thurs..i said ok..i think that i never been 2 batu fringghi for ages..

i went to her house at 9.00am..but we all lepak2 at the house because my cousin was using my aunt's car so we donot have the transport..when my cousin come home we went to the airport to send him first then we went to the hospital 2 wait for my aunt's friend who went there for mefical checkup..then we heading straight to batu frinnghi..we didnt lepak kat miami beach because there are so many people..we lepak at the beach near to the rumah peranginan gov..

we lepak2 there for a while..n i keep thinking-mesti best if i have a cmera..these are a few pics that i took on at the batu fringghi..


ombak laut...

i xmandi laut pun..just maen pasir n built sand castle which was built by my cousin,nabila...she's so crazy bout seashell..she collect all the seasheel that she saw..n she told me that she wanted to give them to her friend because her friend xpenah go to pantai..come to think bout it i feel on u live in penang n you've never been to the beach??penang is all surrounded by beach..pelik...

then we balik n my aunt's friend trus balik kedah..nabila said she want ice cream so we went to padang kota and lepak2 makan abc..the we all balik umh..

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