Thursday, October 14, 2010

am.i not.myself again

after chat wif with friend lat nite i start to think that i'm not d same me anymore..1 of my friend described me as social butterfly..

"Gradually, social butterfly has migrated into a descriptive term, mostly applied to females, who are extroverted, comfortable in social situations, can talk to just about anyone, and who seem to have a certain grace and ease at parties. Social butterflies in a party setting could move from group to group, briefly sipping in the nectar of each engagement and sharing a few pleasant words with partygoers. Their social adeptness makes it simple for the social butterflies to be quite at home in large group settings."

my life now is boring compare 2 my life b4. i've never say no to anything fun such as hang out because i always wanna be around people who know me and spend our time n memory together but now i always say no to that..i like 2 be alone in my room with my laptop open watching a movie. which i though only boring people will do that. freak with no clique.

i need to be myself happiness is very imp 2 me!!!!

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