Wednesday, September 8, 2010


i love sept..
d month that i was born
n this year raya also on sept..
i dunno y people really2 xcited to celebrate raya..
i just celebrate it in simple way..
i cuti for 2 weeks..
lots of homework and need 2 prepare for presentation
but feel so malas..
i didnt go shopping yet since i'm in png..
so boring just staying at home..
i dunno how people can live by staying at home d whole cuti..

this cuti i realize not to trust anyone..
they all just try to look kind and be kind in front of u if they need ur thing..
when they r no longer need ur thing they gonna turn back to their real self..
so sellfish and xsedar diri..
well.. God know bout this..
n i believe anything happened 4 a reason..
so who knows what will happen in d future..

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