Saturday, September 11, 2010

2nd day of raya..


raya..i just stay at home..
so malas 2 go out becoz i dun have transport
then i just stay at home n wait for sedara to come
this year i get duet raya sikit je
the bigger u become the less money u'll get during raya
is it true?
suppose to be the bigger u become d more money u'll get becoz budak kecik x pandai pegang duet
what ever..
i just realize that i didnt do my homework yet

-letter 2 editor
-on9 forum 6
-presentation genetic engineering

so malas..u wanna cuti and relex..
eventhough it is so boring by just lepak at home
lucky i have externl full with movie..
so i can watch them

2nd day of raya..
still d same as d 1st day.
xcept 4 i'm not wearing baju raya today
tomorrow is my mum bday
i dunno how to celebrate n what to give to her..
still thinking actually...

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