Friday, July 9, 2010

misz very rajin tadi..hehe

at last i bjaya tidy up my kawasan aka bhagian atas rumah which is my tmpat lpak n etc..hehe..trasa macam sgt semak so i kmas..i takes me long period 2 tidy it..i should tidy it since my early holiday..but i feel like very2 lazy..hehe..but i've done my phase 1 of d tidy thing..tomorror i need to push myself to ride on the phase 2..hopefully i rajin again tomorrow..or i should say is already 12 sumtg..morning..hehe..welcome new day..

sunday is just around the corner..i hate dis sunday..i have to go back 2 upm..gosh..i hope that my cuti will become very long..plz...yesterday i bought 3 bus tickets to kl..3 including my parents..they wanna go to pahang 2 visit my sick uncle..i dunno how long they will stay there..hopefully just 4 a few days...or else awang n kakak will be very kurus...hopefully nobody will kidnap them like their sis..omg..i miss her..she is the most gedik cat that i ever have..her nama is pendek because she has a short tail..sumtimes my dad call her kak ngah..he said that she is d 2nd sis in between d three of them..hehe

so 2moro night i need 2 eat more 2 gain more energy 2 continue kemas my home..hehe..wish me luck-xoxo

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