Sunday, July 4, 2010


its already july..n d important thing is sunday..nxt week sunday i have to go back 2 upm..i ddn't buy the ticket yet but i'm very sure that i will take plusliner..i'm not sure bout the time yet..when i think about going back 2 upm, many other unhappy thing come up in my mind...xbestnyaaa...malasnya nk bgn awal p clas..xtau dapat rumet sape...ntah2 dapat rumet yg kaypochee..xska..i like 2 buat bising at other people's room..but when i come into my room i wanna rest my body n relaxing my mind...cukup la what happen b4 dis..annoying..

the other thing that really2 make me malas 2 go back there is kemas barang..i have to take out all my stuffs in the store n kmas them..then on monday i nk p class..i have class at fac3 which is located far far away from the other fac and even bus didnt go there..

there r also the happy part where i can meet my gemoki-chan..he will fetch me at the railway station...xromantic toi..n i can c my mr gemok back..i hope that gemoki-chan didnt buli my mr gemok...hehe

so i forget to write bout my reunion wof my pearl geng..we didnt collecting pearl actually..but we're from the same class during graduated from high skul..5mutiara..of cause it is very impossible if i said that i mean every single one of them..i just met wif d close 1..which r wanie that i didnt meet for almost 1 year because she is bz wif her intern at terengganu..atul that i didnt meet for about half a year because of her study in um n shes having her intern also this holidae..liyana that i didnt meet for 1 year because she was in london..and farhana that i usually meet..hehe

actually we're planning on watching a movie..but we end up lepak at manhattan fish market for hour because of we ordered lots of food..hehe..i realy miss that time..and the food there r boombastic..i should try them again..atul came late actually..she met us after finish working on that day..i mean intern..

i wish i can upload the pic..but it is in wanies u guys..xoxo

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