Thursday, July 8, 2010


i went 2 queensbay 2 watch eclipse just now wif miza..we're having spaghetti at pizza hut 1st b4 watching d movie..i orderd d meatball..seems like the meetball is small n wasnt enough 4 me..then we get in2 d cinema quite late because we tried so hard 2 finish up our meals..hehe..but x abeh gak..

the movie had start when we get in2 d is the part that edward ask bella 2 marry him..we lost coz we didnt catch up d far for me the movoe seems dull..i dunno if that is the most suitable word dat i need 2 use to describe the movie..hehe..quite boring..seems like bella like both of them..i mean edward and this movie i feel like so menyampah tgk edward like telebih caring...

well i guest i need to read the book to understand more...but i really2 love to waste my money rite loan is not enough for me..i cant waste them 4 d book..miza said that she has the online book..i dunno think d name is online book..hehe..belasah je laa..who cares...but i dun have pendrive to take the book..nie smua gemoki-chan pnya pasal..he amek my pendrive n didnt return it to me..huhu..gemoki-chan..if u read this bagi balik my pendrive or i'll charge u for borrowing it..1 day 1 ringgit...

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