Friday, July 23, 2010

i dunno y
2day i trasa ngn gemoki..
disebabkan trasa i xmakan lagi smpai skrg
so lapa..
cpat la ptg....
i nk tunggu makcik 2..

i dun have any class 2day..but i have koko menyusahkan hidup..y is it must be on saturday..sat is holiday ok even skool oso cuti..feel like very malas nk p koko..but i have to..dis week i dun have any homework yet..but i guess i'm gonna be bz next week..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

i make a decision

i've already make a decision
that i have 2
no matter what
because it is very important
n 4 my owns goods..
i will make that happen

Sunday, July 11, 2010

misz da sampai upm..

i'm here..
i baru je abeh mengangkut semua brg2 i dari stor..
luckily that my room is on d same level wif store..
very tired..
i can't sleep in d bus..
lunch at mcd just now wif gemoki-chan..
i dunno eiter to choose an extra locker or tempat jemur baju..
but i keep on praying that i dun have a rumet..hehehe..
time 2 snooze...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

xsuka..xsuka...hati terasa sangat x sukaaaaa

esok da nk blik upm..xsuka..xbest..
y can't i continue my holiday..
so malas nak blaja..
new sem means new penderaan for me..
new syllibus..
new lecturer???
new rumet???
new room??
but i'm still d same ME..
hope that dis sem end faster n happier..
so that i can cuti again..
so xsaba nak tunggu end of dis month..
wanna balik penang..

Friday, July 9, 2010

misz very rajin tadi..hehe

at last i bjaya tidy up my kawasan aka bhagian atas rumah which is my tmpat lpak n etc..hehe..trasa macam sgt semak so i kmas..i takes me long period 2 tidy it..i should tidy it since my early holiday..but i feel like very2 lazy..hehe..but i've done my phase 1 of d tidy thing..tomorror i need to push myself to ride on the phase 2..hopefully i rajin again tomorrow..or i should say is already 12 sumtg..morning..hehe..welcome new day..

sunday is just around the corner..i hate dis sunday..i have to go back 2 upm..gosh..i hope that my cuti will become very long..plz...yesterday i bought 3 bus tickets to kl..3 including my parents..they wanna go to pahang 2 visit my sick uncle..i dunno how long they will stay there..hopefully just 4 a few days...or else awang n kakak will be very kurus...hopefully nobody will kidnap them like their sis..omg..i miss her..she is the most gedik cat that i ever have..her nama is pendek because she has a short tail..sumtimes my dad call her kak ngah..he said that she is d 2nd sis in between d three of them..hehe

so 2moro night i need 2 eat more 2 gain more energy 2 continue kemas my home..hehe..wish me luck-xoxo

Thursday, July 8, 2010


i went 2 queensbay 2 watch eclipse just now wif miza..we're having spaghetti at pizza hut 1st b4 watching d movie..i orderd d meatball..seems like the meetball is small n wasnt enough 4 me..then we get in2 d cinema quite late because we tried so hard 2 finish up our meals..hehe..but x abeh gak..

the movie had start when we get in2 d is the part that edward ask bella 2 marry him..we lost coz we didnt catch up d far for me the movoe seems dull..i dunno if that is the most suitable word dat i need 2 use to describe the movie..hehe..quite boring..seems like bella like both of them..i mean edward and this movie i feel like so menyampah tgk edward like telebih caring...

well i guest i need to read the book to understand more...but i really2 love to waste my money rite loan is not enough for me..i cant waste them 4 d book..miza said that she has the online book..i dunno think d name is online book..hehe..belasah je laa..who cares...but i dun have pendrive to take the book..nie smua gemoki-chan pnya pasal..he amek my pendrive n didnt return it to me..huhu..gemoki-chan..if u read this bagi balik my pendrive or i'll charge u for borrowing it..1 day 1 ringgit...

Sunday, July 4, 2010


its already july..n d important thing is sunday..nxt week sunday i have to go back 2 upm..i ddn't buy the ticket yet but i'm very sure that i will take plusliner..i'm not sure bout the time yet..when i think about going back 2 upm, many other unhappy thing come up in my mind...xbestnyaaa...malasnya nk bgn awal p clas..xtau dapat rumet sape...ntah2 dapat rumet yg kaypochee..xska..i like 2 buat bising at other people's room..but when i come into my room i wanna rest my body n relaxing my mind...cukup la what happen b4 dis..annoying..

the other thing that really2 make me malas 2 go back there is kemas barang..i have to take out all my stuffs in the store n kmas them..then on monday i nk p class..i have class at fac3 which is located far far away from the other fac and even bus didnt go there..

there r also the happy part where i can meet my gemoki-chan..he will fetch me at the railway station...xromantic toi..n i can c my mr gemok back..i hope that gemoki-chan didnt buli my mr gemok...hehe

so i forget to write bout my reunion wof my pearl geng..we didnt collecting pearl actually..but we're from the same class during graduated from high skul..5mutiara..of cause it is very impossible if i said that i mean every single one of them..i just met wif d close 1..which r wanie that i didnt meet for almost 1 year because she is bz wif her intern at terengganu..atul that i didnt meet for about half a year because of her study in um n shes having her intern also this holidae..liyana that i didnt meet for 1 year because she was in london..and farhana that i usually meet..hehe

actually we're planning on watching a movie..but we end up lepak at manhattan fish market for hour because of we ordered lots of food..hehe..i realy miss that time..and the food there r boombastic..i should try them again..atul came late actually..she met us after finish working on that day..i mean intern..

i wish i can upload the pic..but it is in wanies u guys..xoxo

Thursday, July 1, 2010


ermm..i dun have time 2 update my blog...dis week i quite bz doing my part time os my last day working at esarli qbm..and it is the last time i'll be working there coz the kdai also da nak tutup i have to find another part time job for my nxt time uni cuti..2day cam nk hujan je..well then i have to go 2 qbm late..hehe..i dun wanna mandi freewith air hujan

yesterday i watched karate kid..eventhough the movie had been showed for weeks but i dun have the opportunity to watch it..mebbe because i feel like i wanna stay at home during my cuti and i dun have friends to watvh with..ckin is on her money saving is a nice movie..must watching movie..jackie chan looks very old in that movie..jaden look exactly like his father..hehe