Thursday, June 10, 2010


last nite i received the goods that i order via happy until i cant i already finish making three happy..but i guess i dun have enough items..need 2 order more...more..n more..hehe..the 1st bookmark that i make is bigger than the other but the cost is cheaper..n i png kpala pk y is it small 1 more xpensive.huhu..after this i wanna design more n wait 4 afta 2 design 2..btw lots of eyepin n headpin that is rosak becoz of my trial..this is my 1st time making them..hehe

2day is ima's wedding day..not d kenduri..its akad i men 2 masjid bebaju kurung n selendang..selendang i pinjam kat miza..hehe..quite bosan coz d tok kadi ckap bnyak..penat i tunggu until my leg lenguh n i keep on chenging my sitting style..n oso position...1st i sit in front of miza then my leg's become numb so i just lari behing that people xnampak me sit with unpolite ways..hehe..wishing ima n her hubby hapily ever after..hehe..her weeding knuri is on this saturday..i have to become her pengapit..i know it last minute..luckily i have baju kurung pink to wear on that day..actialy i dun feel like i wanna be her mlas..i just wanna go to the wedding n makan n lepak d whole day..huhu
the nxt thing is i have to wake up early tomorrow 2 go to the hosp..but i dun think i can make laziness is more than anything else..hehe..hopefully it is not so painful so that i can go berpoya2 at gurney..hehe..xo

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