Thursday, July 1, 2010


ermm..i dun have time 2 update my blog...dis week i quite bz doing my part time os my last day working at esarli qbm..and it is the last time i'll be working there coz the kdai also da nak tutup i have to find another part time job for my nxt time uni cuti..2day cam nk hujan je..well then i have to go 2 qbm late..hehe..i dun wanna mandi freewith air hujan

yesterday i watched karate kid..eventhough the movie had been showed for weeks but i dun have the opportunity to watch it..mebbe because i feel like i wanna stay at home during my cuti and i dun have friends to watvh with..ckin is on her money saving is a nice movie..must watching movie..jackie chan looks very old in that movie..jaden look exactly like his father..hehe

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