Thursday, June 17, 2010

cabut gg

i went 2 siak dentist surgery on last monday...wif my cabut aunt suggest to go there because she said dat xsakit cabut gg there..actually d dr sugest to pull out one tooth only ..but because of my limit time i need to pull out two teeth..i need to put on the seperator on this the dr said ok then he pull out 2 teeth..n its true..xsakit lgsung..fell like i didnt realize when did my teeth come out..i just realize after he pull out 2 teeth thats when i see my teeth that cover wif some blood...all i can say inside is 'owh.thats my panjang..' gusi keep on bedarah ..but i didnt feel any pain..lots of blood n i keep on changing the kain kasa..kain kasa kot..i dunno the name of that thing..hentam je la...owhh..btw he plled out two teeth on my left side..the said that the right teeth betindan so need 2 kerat skit 1st.

so today i went to siak again.of coz la 2 cabut gg again..he put on the ubat kebas 1st then inject. i dunno how many time he inject coz i didnt feel anything but sometimes i feel like there is needle at my gusi..then he gerudi my teeth yg blapis using the thing dat dr use during palam..after that he cabut my gg..and xsakit gak..but bleeding badly..i saw a pakcik at bus stop..he said that i need to bite the kapas harder to avoid lots of blood..owhh..bru i wonder la b4 dis its bleeding very truk..then i saw a mak cik which is a relative of my dad..she sais dat i shouldnt wash my mouth..coz when then bleeding gusi kna air it will bdarah lagi lmbat stop bleeding..hehe..i wanna upload my gg pic but i didnt cuci it yet..i will upload them later..xo-misz

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