Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i just realize dat i didnt update my blog 4 a very long time since after i put on the seperator. it is mebbe because
a. i wat2 lupa
b. i very lazy nk update
c. i very2 sakit time pakai seperator
d. i bz keja on i tired

so, all the answer is true..n i really feel sakit time pakai d seperator..after puting the seperator i didnt feel anything..but the next day i cannot eat mum cook nasi n chicken soup..i have to lenyek2 dat ayam 1st b4 eating it..then 4 the next followg day i only eat bubur..

today i went to adventist..dr ang take out the seperator..he's gonna put the braces..hehe..i had 2 hours apoinmnt wif him today..i have to wear a spek during all the braces puting moment..1st of all he clean up my theeth..the he use the -i dunno the thing- to take out all my saliva..he put on the besi shape like a ring on all 4 teeth that he put on the seperator last week..the after the besi is well shpe he take them out..the nurse put the glue on it that he put the back on my teeth..

he put sumthing on my teeth then he cuci it back.after tht he put the small besi one by one on my teeth..i feell like so sakit when the nurse tarik my mouth during the dr puting the besi..huhu..then he puting on a long wire at the besi..there r empty space at the besi..then he cover the besi with getah 2 avoid the besi come out..its a cover k..i can choose the getah color..but for the 1st time there r only 4 colour-pink,grey dark blue n colorless..i chose pink n grey..of coz because of i really love pink..grey??hurmm...mebbe it the good combination..hehe

my mun teman me..but she seems like so bored waiting for almost 2 u mama..

i forget to take my tooth pic and i dunno where my mum keeps it..will upload them later..then i can tanam them..

btw i really mis sorg dak gemok yg really care bout me..he keep on asking me bla pkai braces again n dia keep on lupa n tnya lgi..huhu..miss him..hehe

Friday, June 18, 2010


i went to seperate my teeth apoinmnt is at 2.20pm..dr ang just put on 8 getah between my is 2 seperate my teeth..i didnt feel anything but i feel pain when i bite my i have 2 eat soft food..huhu..xskanyaaaaa...hope cepat2 la dis seperator thing come out..dr ang also said that just ignore if the seperator come out by itself that means that there are gap between my teeth..huhuhu....xoxo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

cabut gg

i went 2 siak dentist surgery on last monday...wif my cabut aunt suggest to go there because she said dat xsakit cabut gg there..actually d dr sugest to pull out one tooth only ..but because of my limit time i need to pull out two teeth..i need to put on the seperator on this the dr said ok then he pull out 2 teeth..n its true..xsakit lgsung..fell like i didnt realize when did my teeth come out..i just realize after he pull out 2 teeth thats when i see my teeth that cover wif some blood...all i can say inside is 'owh.thats my panjang..' gusi keep on bedarah ..but i didnt feel any pain..lots of blood n i keep on changing the kain kasa..kain kasa kot..i dunno the name of that thing..hentam je la...owhh..btw he plled out two teeth on my left side..the said that the right teeth betindan so need 2 kerat skit 1st.

so today i went to siak again.of coz la 2 cabut gg again..he put on the ubat kebas 1st then inject. i dunno how many time he inject coz i didnt feel anything but sometimes i feel like there is needle at my gusi..then he gerudi my teeth yg blapis using the thing dat dr use during palam..after that he cabut my gg..and xsakit gak..but bleeding badly..i saw a pakcik at bus stop..he said that i need to bite the kapas harder to avoid lots of blood..owhh..bru i wonder la b4 dis its bleeding very truk..then i saw a mak cik which is a relative of my dad..she sais dat i shouldnt wash my mouth..coz when then bleeding gusi kna air it will bdarah lagi lmbat stop bleeding..hehe..i wanna upload my gg pic but i didnt cuci it yet..i will upload them later..xo-misz

Thursday, June 10, 2010


last nite i received the goods that i order via happy until i cant i already finish making three happy..but i guess i dun have enough items..need 2 order more...more..n more..hehe..the 1st bookmark that i make is bigger than the other but the cost is cheaper..n i png kpala pk y is it small 1 more xpensive.huhu..after this i wanna design more n wait 4 afta 2 design 2..btw lots of eyepin n headpin that is rosak becoz of my trial..this is my 1st time making them..hehe

2day is ima's wedding day..not d kenduri..its akad i men 2 masjid bebaju kurung n selendang..selendang i pinjam kat miza..hehe..quite bosan coz d tok kadi ckap bnyak..penat i tunggu until my leg lenguh n i keep on chenging my sitting style..n oso position...1st i sit in front of miza then my leg's become numb so i just lari behing that people xnampak me sit with unpolite ways..hehe..wishing ima n her hubby hapily ever after..hehe..her weeding knuri is on this saturday..i have to become her pengapit..i know it last minute..luckily i have baju kurung pink to wear on that day..actialy i dun feel like i wanna be her mlas..i just wanna go to the wedding n makan n lepak d whole day..huhu
the nxt thing is i have to wake up early tomorrow 2 go to the hosp..but i dun think i can make laziness is more than anything else..hehe..hopefully it is not so painful so that i can go berpoya2 at gurney..hehe..xo

Monday, June 7, 2010


boring..just stay at home on9 makan n on9 balik..huhu..there r sumting that i realize bout school students nowadays..weird..last nite i saw them at qb wearing a weird clothes..y do they think that kind of style stylo??its weird..i can recognize them as budak sekolah juat by looking at their ntah apa2...

k forget bout the annoying topic..n we go to the topic that i like..sk2..i oso teman my aunt go to by sk2..feels really happy..if i have lots of money i cnfirm that i will buy it..
i also go to check my skin at the jusco sk2 booth..hehe..