Monday, May 17, 2010


so tired today.. i went to advntist hosptal wif farhana n afza 2 survey on braces..and found out that it is the most cheapest place ever for braces so the 3 of us become so excited n we have n apoinment with dr. ang this thursday..hehe..the total 4 all is rm3800 not including cabut gg..omg..i cant imagine what will happen 2 me if d dr cabut my gg..sakittttt....huhu...there's also 1 thing dat i realize afta live in penang for 22 years..1 stop is mid land..MIDLAND that i usually went when i fly wif elafrin..cedih that means-xsusah pun nk p advntist-..but actually quite diffcult la..the traffic there is horror..sgt menakutkan...the driver there drive sesuka hati xpcially d one with xpensive i dun thnk i have courage to go there aponmnt is on this thurs..need to bring 3++ for the first time checking n xray if im not mistaken..wish me luck babe..xoxo

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