Thursday, May 20, 2010

adventist again

I went to adventist hospital again 2day coz I have an apointmant wif dr ang at 11.30..i went to adventist alone..hehe..very is my 1st time went to the air itam n tanjung area alone wif is not my personal apoinment actually..of coz la our appointment(wif afza n fana) it started when dr ang check my teeth and told me that i need to pull out 4 teeth.. when I heard that the only thing that I can think and imagine is-sakittttttt….after that he made a replica of my teeth both upper n lower..Then I went to d xray room to is a nice n harmless xray..diff from the xray dat I had done before(of coz la-*wink). I close my eyes coz takut la when that thing surround my head while thinking there is a laser that gonna make me blind..hehe..then the dr tell me to set the next appointment at the my next aponment is on d next Monday at 12pm 4 diagnosis..i need to rush for the apoinmnt becoz I nk balik kg on tues until fri..and all this thing will not involve sat n sun coz im working on my part time job on weekend..xoxo

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