Monday, May 24, 2010

3rd time 2 adventist

its the third time that i went to the adventist hospital and the 2nd time that i see dr ang..i had an apointment with him at i went there by my motocycle..the traffic is like always..jammed..welcome to tanjung..xpenah xjammed..then i met fana at almost 12..afza didnt have an apointment today because of the dr ang packed she have an apointment 2moro..we went to see mr ang 2gether and he's kind like always.. he show me the replica of my teeth.. and also my xray..and he explain again bout which teeth that i need to pull out...i need to pulled out 4 teeth and all is the fourth teeth from the front..scary..i wish that i can wear braces before ima's wedding but because of dr ang tight schedule i need to postpone all the pullout thing seperation and bonding..frustrated..huhu..but i have already make an apointment with him for seperation on 18 of june and bonding on 23..well i guess i need to buy my plane ticket asap for more cheaper flight fare for me to come back 2 png for monthly check.. xoxo-misz

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