Friday, December 31, 2010

new year...

its new year..2011..i'm 23 dis year..trasa like very parents already staying at home..i dun like 2 celebrate new year outside..i hate crowdness..lily is sleeping versetily 2nite..wif hanger??i still remember when she's really mad at me when i mandikan her petang's the 1st time she mad at u lily..i hope that u will survive without yot by ur side..dun worry..we will always love n remember bout him..

lily sleeping happily on my computer table after menolak mostly barang2 on dat table..

so, what did i do a day b4 new year??? -shopping at qb n habiskan duet dgn membeli ~baju at brand outlet store ~baju at mango ~fish oil at watson ~.... at jusco -makan free at kenny bcoz ckin blanja i...thats y i suka ada kawan yg dah keja..hehehe -continue shoping again at sunshine n dis time i bought a sweater 4 me..i really need it eventhough i have enough sweater..hehehe..i think i'm a shopaholic..hehehe

ermm..its new year..i dun have any azam since years2 b4..but i hope that dis year will be better..i hope that the love among my family makin bertambah2..i hope dat gemoki-chan makin love me..i hope that my cat makin study makin better..n my duet makin banyak....hehehehehehehe...

happy new year again...


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

its been a long time since i last update my blog..that happened bcoz-
-i malas nk update..
-i dun have anything 2 rite coz im bz lepak2 at home
-there no line 2 on9 coz i didnt pay my brdband..

my parents r watching football match msia vs indon..i xtrasa nk tengok..i just wanna watch national treasure 2 at my laptop 2nite..lily is sleeping on my computer table..i hope that she will sleep nicely tonite so she dont disturb my sleep later..

i'm going back 2 serdang dis sunday..rasa xhappy sgt...xsukanya balik sna..malasnya nk blaja...even if d semester end i still cannot relax coz i have my internship waiting 4 me..

gemoki-chan is bz in d camp rite now..buhsan toi..k..i nk watch muvie jap..


Saturday, November 27, 2010

mis.picnic..batu frigghi

on tues i think about -da lama xg picnic..then trus tePK penang hill aka bukit bendera..then my aunty call and ajak me join her picnic at batu fringghi on thurs..i said ok..i think that i never been 2 batu fringghi for ages..

i went to her house at 9.00am..but we all lepak2 at the house because my cousin was using my aunt's car so we donot have the transport..when my cousin come home we went to the airport to send him first then we went to the hospital 2 wait for my aunt's friend who went there for mefical checkup..then we heading straight to batu frinnghi..we didnt lepak kat miami beach because there are so many people..we lepak at the beach near to the rumah peranginan gov..

we lepak2 there for a while..n i keep thinking-mesti best if i have a cmera..these are a few pics that i took on at the batu fringghi..


ombak laut...

i xmandi laut pun..just maen pasir n built sand castle which was built by my cousin,nabila...she's so crazy bout seashell..she collect all the seasheel that she saw..n she told me that she wanted to give them to her friend because her friend xpenah go to pantai..come to think bout it i feel on u live in penang n you've never been to the beach??penang is all surrounded by beach..pelik...

then we balik n my aunt's friend trus balik kedah..nabila said she want ice cream so we went to padang kota and lepak2 makan abc..the we all balik umh..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

funny exam answers????

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

Funny Exam Answers. Part 2 (39 pics)

amazing coincidences

i surf d internet n found dizzz...

What's in a Name?

A computer error gave two women in America called Patricia the same social security number. When the two women were brought together in an office to rectify the blunder they discovered that

* They had both been born with the names Patricia Ann Campbell

* Both of their fathers were called Robert Campbell

* Their birthdays were on 13th March 1941

* They had both married military men in the year 1959 (within eleven days of each other)

* They each had two children aged 19 and 21

* They both had an interest in oil painting

* Both had studied cosmetics

* Both had worked as book-keepers

Bullet With Your Name on It

In 1893, Henry Ziegland ended a relationship with his girlfriend.

Tragically, his girlfriend took the news very badly, became distraught and took her own life.

Her distressed brother blamed his sister's death upon Henry, he went round to Henry's house, saw him out in the garden and tried to shoot him.

Luckily, the bullet only grazed Henry's face and embedded itself in a nearby tree.

In 1913, twenty years after this incident, Henry decided to use dynamite to uproot a tree in his garden. The explosion propelled the embedded bullet from the tree straight into Henry Ziegland's head - killing him immediately.

Lucky Hughs?

On December 5th 1660, a ship sank in the straights of Dover - the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams.

On 5th December 1767, another ship sank in the same waters - 127 lost their lives, the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams On 8th August 1820, a picnic boat capsized on the Thames - there was one survivor - Hugh Williams.

On 10th July 1940, a British trawler was destroyed by a German mine - only two men survived, one man and his nephew - they were both called Hugh Williams.

With a Quack Quack Here

Mr McDonald was a farmer who lived in Canada - nothing extra-ordinary in that - until you learn that his postcode contained the letter sequence EIEIO.

'Til Death Did Them Part

In 1996, Paris police set out to investigate a late night, high speed car crash, both drivers had been killed instantly.

Investigations revealed that the deceased were in fact man and wife.

Police initially suspected some kind of murder or suicide pact but it became apparent that the pair had been separated for several months - neither could have known that the other would have been out driving that night - it was just a terrible coincidence.

She's Behind You!

Michael Dick had been travelling around the UK with his family to track down his daughter, Lisa - who he had lost contact with ten years earlier.

After a long fruitless search, he approached the Suffolk Free Press, who agreed to help him by putting an appeal in their newspaper.

Fortunately, his long lost daughter saw the appeal and the pair were reunited.

The odd thing was, his daughter had been right behind him when the free paper took the photograph - shown in the photograph above. What are the chances of that!

Licensed To Thrill

A fifteen year old pupil at Argoed High School in North Wales was to sit his GCSE examinations in 1990.

His name was James Bond - his examination paper reference was 007.

What Goes Around….

In 1965, at the age of four, Roger Lausier was swimming off a beach in Salem - he got into difficulties and was saved from drowning by a woman called Alice Blaise.

In 1974, on the same beach, Roger was out on a raft when he pulled a drowning man from the water - amazingly, the man he saved was Alice Blaise's husband.

Lightning Never Strikes Twice?

British cavalry officer Major Summerford was fighting in the fields of Flanders in the last year of WW1, a flash of lightning knocked him off his horse and paralysed him from his waist down.

He moved to Vancouver, Canada, six years later, whilst out fishing, Major Summer field was struck by lightning again and the right side of his body became paralysed.

After two years of recovery, it was a summers day and he was out in a local park, a summer storm blew up and Major Summerfield was struck by lightning again - permanently paralysing him.

He died two years after this incident.

However, four years after his death, his stone tomb was destroyed - it was struck by lightning!

Practice What You Preach

Businessman Danie de Toit made a speech to an audience in South Africa - the topic of his speech was - watch out because death can strike you down at any time.

At the end of his speech, he put a peppermint in his mouth, and choked to death on it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


last nyte i went 2 qb 2 watch hp with miza
i booked d ticket a day b4 coz i dun wanna sit in d front(just incase that the movie if fully book)
but i turned up xla penuh sgt cinema 2..
tp i bengang gak la kat bdk yg jga kaunter 2..
dia bg seat tepi kat i..
i said nk tgh she said da ada org reserve..
when i sitting 4 dat movie xde org pun nxt 2 me..
sengal pnya budk
it is a 2and the 1/2 hours great movie..
but time dia panjang sgt n i tpaksa went to d toilet time citer 2..
maklum la b4 dat i dgn bestnya g minum choc milkshake time nk tunggu miza arrive sambil lepak2 tgk org maen roller blade..
while watching them tegerak gak hati nak maen..
tp tgk price dia makin mahal la
dlu abou 16 now 20ingt..
mahal giler..

back 2 d hp..
they grown up..xmcm dorg dlu2..(of coz la kan)
i think that it is a MUST WATCH MOVIE EVER 4 this year..
if the cinema wat part 1 n 2 direct pun i sanggup tgk..
tp trasa kurg best sbb i da xingt jln cite dia..
dlu i pnh bca buku dia..
but da lupa..

after that we went to johnys 2 makan2..
we order d set 4 2..
we campak everything dlm periuk 2 smpai jdi pnuh giler..
trasa bnyk lak..
we makan2..
n kenyang giler.
but ice cream there xbest..
trasa cm mkn tepung..

Monday, November 22, 2010


i'm home..
since saturday..
but i'm so lazy 2 online
my external has a fever...
i need 2 but nt virus during pc fair..
so i need to countdown 4 2 weeks..
i'm going 2 d cinema 2day..
rite now its raining
hope that it will stop in d afternoon..
i wanna watch harry potter..

Thursday, November 11, 2010 r u??

i just simply search 4 fish oil benefits n i find THIS-

The health benefits of fish oil include the following:

Heart Disease:
According to the American Heart Association (AHA), clinical trials have proved that omega 3 is effective in reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Fish oil, which is abundant in omega 3, therefore, reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart arrhythmias. It lowers the levels of LDL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol, and increases the HDL levels, which is good cholesterol. Fish oil prevents accumulation of triglycerides and further reduces the levels of excess triglycerides. Preliminary research has also shown that fish oil can be used for preventing atherosclerosis in coronary patients. Thus fish oil is effective in treating heart strokes and regular usage of fish oil can help avoid numerous sudden cardiac deaths. According to the American Heart Association, these preliminary findings should be confirmed by detailed research.

i guess i can buy it 4 my uncle then

Weight Loss:
Fish oil also aids in weight loss process. Research conducted by Professor Peter Howe at the University of South Australia has shown that fish oil improves the efficacy of exercise in reducing weight. Volunteers who were given fish oil diet showed greater weight loss as compared to those who did not consume fish oil diet. Exercise combined with fish oil had a positive effect on the body shape and body composition of the patients.

miza..u can try dis..

Blood Circulation:
It is believed that fish oil has the ability to improve blood circulation along with reducing triglyceride and serum cholesterol levels.

It is believed that regular consumption of fish oil aids in increasing your immunity thereby enabling you to resist incidence of common diseases such as cold, cough and flu. Omega three fatty acids present in fish oil benefit the immune system by effecting cytokines and eicosanoids present in our body. Researchers have also studied the effect of fish meal and fish oil on the immune system of pigs and found that fish oil aided in the growth of the animals. Similar research conducted on mice at Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan, also gave positive results. Thus fish oil has the potential to enhance the immune system of humans. Fish oil is also beneficial to patients suffering from lupus, which is a disease characterized by the attacks of immune system of the body on various organs and tissues. Fish oil helps in reducing the pain and inflammation that may occur in joints, eyes, kidney, heart, blood vessels, lungs, nerves, etc. It also helps in reducing associated fever, skin rashes and fatigue.

Research conducted by the Nutritional Sciences Program in Lexington has increased the promise of fish oil as a treatment of AIDS.

Fish oil has anti inflammatory properties; therefore, it is effective in reducing inflammation in blood and tissues. Regular consumption of fish oil supplements, tablets, pills and capsules is helpful to those suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases. Fish oil is effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders, sprue, short bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) including Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis, which are typical disorders of the intestine. Patients suffering from Crohn’s disease find it difficult to absorb vitamins, fats and essential supplements. Fish oil supplements are an effective diet for such patients. In ulcerative colitis, fish oil prevents the accumulation of leukotriene on the colon. It should be noted that the anti inflammatory properties of fish oil are limited to reducing inflammation. Fish oil provides little effect in preventing inflammation. Research is also being conducted to enhance the anti-inflammatory action of fish oil by addition of other dietary supplements and drugs.

Fish oil is useful in treating arthritis, rheumatism, Raynaud’s symptoms and similar conditions. Usage of fish oil can help reducing the dosage of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia, and University of Newcastle, Australia have reported that large quantities of fish oil have shown positive effect on the treatment of arthritis. In case of osteoarthritis, fish oil can be helpful in reducing the impact of enzymes that destroy cartilages. However, since the dosage of fish oil required for desirable effect in the improvement of a patient is unknown, the Arthritis Center, Department of Rheumatology, John Hopkins University, considers including omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil in the treatment of arthritis as controversial. The University also cautions that there may appear certain side effect due to the use of fish oil in arthritis patients. Read more about arthritis on the webpage of Arthritis Foundation and Arthritis Center.

Depression and Anxiety:
Due to the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil is good for relieving depression, sadness, anxiety, restlessness, mental fatigue, stress, decreased sexual desire, suicidal tendencies and other nervous disorders. Researchers at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio in their research publication titled “Fish Oils and Bipolar Disorder: A Promising but Untested Treatment” state that fish oil can be useful in mood stabilizing and treating bipolar disorders. No wonder, it has been found that countries where fish is eaten often have low incidence of depression. Similarly research conducted on prisoners has shown that when prisoners were fed with sea food containing higher amount of omega three fatty acids, there was a significant drop in the homicide rate.

i like dis part..bout d dpression..

Alzheimer’s Disease:
Research conducted at the Louisiana State University has shown that fatty acids are effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Since fish oil is one of the best sources of essential fatty acids including EPA and DHA, it helps in Alzheimer disease. Research conducted at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) validates the usefulness of fish oil as a possible remedy for the disease. The Alzheimer’s Association recommends fish containing higher content of omega three fatty acids to patients as it acts as a protective diet during Alzheimer disease and dementia.

Fish oil has the ability to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) due to the high concentration of fatty acids. If your child suffers from hyperactivity, dyslexia, dyspraxia, inability to complete tasks, emotional instability, wavering attitude, poor coordination, short attention span, short term memory, low concentration, tendency to interrupt others, recklessness, hastiness, impetuosity, impulsiveness, low IQ, or learning disorders, fish oil supplements, tablets, pills or capsules are a proven remedy. Research conducted at the University of South Australia and CSIRO has shown that when children suffering from ADHD were given doses of fish oil and evening primrose capsules for 15 weeks, they showed significant improvement. Since brain consists of about 60% of fats, especially essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, fish oil helps in improving the functioning of the brain. Further, it is believed that fish oil is useful in the normal development of the brain. It helps your kid concentrate on the studies better. It has been further found that when pregnant women are given regular doses of fish oil, the born toddlers show enhanced hand eye coordination. Facts about ADHD.

Eye Disorders:
It is well known that fish oil is good for its ability to improve vision. It also helps in avoiding age related macular degeneration. The National Eye Institute at the National Institute of Health, US, plans to conduct a nation-wide study to evaluate the effect of fish oil in treating macular degeneration. This study will provide strong scientific evidence to the benefits of fish oil for eye care, thereby enabling government agencies and physicians to strongly recommend fish oil for macular degeneration.

Skin Care:
Fish oil helps in improving the condition of poor and dry skin by making it shinny and glowing. It is useful in treating various skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, itching, redness of skin, skin lesions, and rashes. In case of psoriasis, the EPA present in fish oil restricts the growth of pro-inflammatory agents by producing arachidonic acid. Fish oil can also be applied topically to obtain relief from psoriasis. Regular intake of fish oil capsules helps in reducing loss of moisture from the skin. It is also claimed by some people that fish oil helps in preventing sunburns.-dis 1 oso

Fish oil is effective for acne as well. EPA is known to inhibit androgen formation. Androgen can affect the formation of sebum in hair follicle.

Cancer: Fish oil is useful in delaying weight loss in patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. Fish oil supplements can also be helpful to patients suffering from cancer related hyperlipidemia.

Type II diabetic patients are more prone to cardio vascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, and stroke. As mentioned above, fish oil is helpful in treating various heart problems. Research conducted at the University of Oxford, UK, has proved that fish oil is useful in reducing triglyceride levels in diabetes as well.

The symptoms of peptic ulcer include pain in the abdomen, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, loss in appetite, weight loss, etc. Due to the presence of EPA and DHA, fish oil can be helpful in case of ulcers caused by NSAIDs.

Fish oil is very useful for pregnant women as DHA present in it helps in the development of the eyes and brain of the baby. It helps in avoiding premature births, low weight at birth, and miscarriage. Research conducted in Denmark, which involved 8,729 pregnant women, concluded that diet with low amounts of fish resulted in higher risk of premature or preterm babies. It is also believed that women who do not have a sufficient intake of EPA and DHA in their diet suffer from depression after birth as there is transfer of some amount of brain mass from the mother to the child in the last stages of pregnancy. Moreover, as mentioned above, when pregnant women are given fish oil supplements, the born kids show enhanced coordination between eye and hand. Thus it is very beneficial to consume fish oil either by eating fish or taking fish oil supplements, tablets, capsules, or pills during pregnancy for the overall development of the child and well being of the mother. However, it should be noted that fish oil obtained from the liver of the fish, example – cod liver oil, should not be consumed during pregnancy as cod liver oil is rich in retinol and vitamin A.

Preliminary research conducted on boar has shown that when male boars are fed with diet containing fish oil, the quality of the sperm is enhanced. After ejaculation, the sperms have increased survival against lipid peroxidative attacks in the female genital tract, thereby increasing the chances of conception. On the other hand, similar animal studies have shown inhibition in the synthesis of prostaglandin E and prostaglandin F, which are produced in large quantities by human seminal vesicles. The research found no impact in the count and mobility of sperm.

Hair Care:
Fish oil helps maintain a good luster of the hair. Omega three has hair growing properties as it provides nourishment to the follicles. It therefore aids in faster development of hair and preventing hair loss. A good supply of proteins is also necessary for hair growth. Since most fish varieties are rich in protein, eating fish helps in keeping healthy hair.-n dis 1

It is also believed that fish oil helps in asthma and kidney failure. Many people also like to feed fish oil to their pets especially dog and cat as it enables in the growth of shinny hair and smooth skin. It also helps the dogs and cats deal with arthritis, which is a very common disease among pets.

The National High Blood Pressure Education Program, US, has cautioned against wrongful publicity of fish oil as an effective means of lowering high blood pressure in patients suffering from hypertension. According to its report, fish oil supplements lowers high blood pressure only to a small extent in hypertensive patients. Research conducted at the Channing Laboratory, Boston, US has revealed that moderate doses of fish oil supplements have little effect on the condition of high blood pressure in normotensive persons.

Caution on dosage: Excessive dosage of fish oil can have adverse allergies and side effects on the body. Further, fish oil can be problematic in many conditions and hence it is necessary to fish oil supplements cautiously. You should consult a doctor or physician for the exact dosage of fish oil you should take. Moreover, fish oil can be consumed in various forms. These include eating the fish directly by baking, roasting, frying, grilling, broiling, or smoking it or eating fish oil which is available in the form of concentrated dietary supplements such as liquid, tablet, capsule, pill, soft gel, etc. Also, there are various pharmaceutical grades of fish oil. You should also consult your doctor to check the mode of eating fish oil.

Fish oil purity
Purity of fish oil is also an important issue which one must pay attention to. Fish oil is obtained from fresh water, farm, ocean, deep sea and shallow sea fish. All these fish can be contaminated with toxic compounds such as mercury, arsenic, lead, forms of calcium, furans, dioxins, PCBs, and methyl mercury, and may affect the human body. Therefore, the fish oil should be pure. Many companies also sell ultra refined fish oil or distilled fish oil, but you should always check if the standards have been followed.


1st of all congratz 2 gemoki-chan 4 being an uncle today..
i noe that u r so excited bout that..

i have another 2 more papers 2 go..
1 paper that i need 2 stud hard n another 1 that i can rilex..
i have my ge paper this sat..
n i need 2 make sure that i post my motorcycle dis sat also..
so that it will arrive in png on monday..
i need to use it 2 c my dr..

feel like so malas 2 study eventhough i noe that ge is gonna be real tough..
wish me luck..
wanna have my dinner now..

Sunday, November 7, 2010 exam

i hate dis year punya jadual final exam..
no gap..

9-enzyme tech
10-waste managemnt n utilization
11- cell n tissue culture
13- genetic engineerg

then i balik 4 raya haji

lepas raya haji ada lagi 1 pper..luckily just xyh la study time raya haji..

i xabeh study lagi..
nota bertimbun2..
exam lak mkin dekat..
trasa malas nk study..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

am.i not.myself again

after chat wif with friend lat nite i start to think that i'm not d same me anymore..1 of my friend described me as social butterfly..

"Gradually, social butterfly has migrated into a descriptive term, mostly applied to females, who are extroverted, comfortable in social situations, can talk to just about anyone, and who seem to have a certain grace and ease at parties. Social butterflies in a party setting could move from group to group, briefly sipping in the nectar of each engagement and sharing a few pleasant words with partygoers. Their social adeptness makes it simple for the social butterflies to be quite at home in large group settings."

my life now is boring compare 2 my life b4. i've never say no to anything fun such as hang out because i always wanna be around people who know me and spend our time n memory together but now i always say no to that..i like 2 be alone in my room with my laptop open watching a movie. which i though only boring people will do that. freak with no clique.

i need to be myself happiness is very imp 2 me!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

boring fri..miss malas

today i woke up early coz i have n xtra class wif my dean..
eventhough so mengantok but i went 2 d class..
after d 1 hour class finished i balik sambung tido sampai tgh hri..
so buhsan..
i g tpau n like always i guna short cut..
tgk2 time 2 la pak cik guard nk p smyg n dia suh i gna jln jauh..
sebbek dia baek..
klu x msti i dah ngamuk2..
then petang feel buhsan again..
i cannot concentrate on my study..
eventhough i noe that i have 2 papers on mon..
suddenly i trasa miss kat yot..
pe la yot tgh wat skrg???ermm
now i feel sleepy..xstudy lagi..
tomorrow koko i from morning till petang bcoz dia nk wat 2 classes..
trasa macam nk ponteng je..
mesti buhsan g koko sbb gemoki-chan xde..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wed.test week.miss gemoki-chan

semalam line tnet very nyakitkan hati
2day better..
semalam test enzyme..
rasa soalan dia ok tp xble nk jwb sbb xreti nk wat graf..
today waste xpham pun soalan dia..trasa cm mkin konpius nk mek modul pe...
malam nie gemoki-chan g jalan2..
dia tinggal me..
nnt mst tingat kat dia..
pas2 tingat kat mrs gemok wanna be kat mph..
then tingat gak kat paper clip yg comey giler n mahal kat mph..
cepat la blik...
i nk g bli brg kat mph..
ps2 nk tgk the guardian n makan 1901 kat alamanda...


Thursday, September 23, 2010

skrg susah sgt nk on9..
line tnet very slow+lembab=aku pun x on9..
keja lak betimbun2..n xreti nk wat cmne..
next week dah test..huhu..
xstudy pun lgi..
trasa malas nk study..
tp nk result gempak2..
skrg tnet tgh ok..
nnt bla aku dah dok kelam kabut nk wat asgment msti x ok
ampeh toi..
rindu giler nk p shop kat png..
sni buhsan..
cepat la cuti..
nak balik umah...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


i woke up early in d morning 2day..
coz i need 2 go 2 adventist hosp 2 change my wire and rubber..
my appointment was at 10.10am ..
i choose 3 color..
red purple n orange..

then i went 2 wanie's house

afta dat
we went 2 qb 2 meet up with fana n lyana
liyana give me perfume body shop
bday present

we makan 2 kat dome..
then we window shop..
i bli 1 tshirt at brand outlet n 1 cardign at jusco
i cannot upload d pic coz i xmek gmba lgi n tgh basuh bju 2

then i blik umh awal..

Monday, September 13, 2010

2day is my 22 bday..
trasa cm very tua..

my parents xbgi hadiah pun..
tp i sempat g shop ngn my mum..
i g memborong t shrt at padini..
yesterday eni kata ada sale..
so tanpa membuang masa aku p padini concept store 1st time sampai kat qbay..

nie 1st baju i mek kat mum pilih..

nie 2nd 1..i pilih coz i suka gamba binatang nie..i xtau pun nie binatang pe..hehehehehe

nie d 3rd mum pilih sbb i dah xtau nk pilih yg mana..dia plih coz dis color unik..then i bka n tgk d design pun nice..hehe

all baju i bli kat padini around 60-70% jadi murah gak la..

then i merayau dlm jusco..
tp xjumpa baju yg i ska..
pas2 g tmpat pinggan mangkuk..
i suh my mum pilih..
later i nk bli as her bday present..

pas2 i p brand outlet store..
dorg jual 3 t-shrt 50ingt..
if ambil 1 harga dia 19.90..
i pun amek lagi 3 helai..
so many design..
so confius nk pilih..
at last i plih gak yg nie:-

i like ayat dia..n the red highlight..hehe

dis 1 i like ayat dia gak..

dis 1 i main ambik je coz my mum dah bising2..hehe

then we all balik afta bli tau fu fah kat my dad..
b4 blik umh singgah jap umh tok n kak timah..
time balik jln jammed kat bukit lama coz lori bertembung with lori n jln x muat..
so lama melepak d tgh panas d bukit lma...huhuhuhu
at last me n my mum sampai umh afta we all g bli KFC..


Saturday, September 11, 2010

2nd day of raya..


raya..i just stay at home..
so malas 2 go out becoz i dun have transport
then i just stay at home n wait for sedara to come
this year i get duet raya sikit je
the bigger u become the less money u'll get during raya
is it true?
suppose to be the bigger u become d more money u'll get becoz budak kecik x pandai pegang duet
what ever..
i just realize that i didnt do my homework yet

-letter 2 editor
-on9 forum 6
-presentation genetic engineering

so malas..u wanna cuti and relex..
eventhough it is so boring by just lepak at home
lucky i have externl full with movie..
so i can watch them

2nd day of raya..
still d same as d 1st day.
xcept 4 i'm not wearing baju raya today
tomorrow is my mum bday
i dunno how to celebrate n what to give to her..
still thinking actually...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

my udang

i successfully cooked my prawn today..
xsangka jadi eventhough pedas giler...
but my dad complaint..
-udang mana da org masak manis2-
then i jawab
-nie udang madu..of coz la manis-

i just cook 4 prawn because i'm afraid that xsedap..
so if 4 x la bnyk sgt nk hbis kan..hehe

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


i love sept..
d month that i was born
n this year raya also on sept..
i dunno y people really2 xcited to celebrate raya..
i just celebrate it in simple way..
i cuti for 2 weeks..
lots of homework and need 2 prepare for presentation
but feel so malas..
i didnt go shopping yet since i'm in png..
so boring just staying at home..
i dunno how people can live by staying at home d whole cuti..

this cuti i realize not to trust anyone..
they all just try to look kind and be kind in front of u if they need ur thing..
when they r no longer need ur thing they gonna turn back to their real self..
so sellfish and xsedar diri..
well.. God know bout this..
n i believe anything happened 4 a reason..
so who knows what will happen in d future..

Saturday, August 28, 2010


dah nk abeh bulan ogos..the i realize that i xupdate my blog lama bz wif my test since start posa..then i mlas nk on9 becoz line xok..better xon9 if on9 pun wat sakit ati 1st test result pun da teruk..i dunno y i can't answer the test..question test macam direct ques smua org kata its ok..try harder nxt time..ermm.bukan semua org kata..gemoki-chan je yg kata...

semalam birthday ella..erm da 22..nxt month my birthday..22???trasa cm tua je..da 22 pun xabeh2 blaja lagi..buhsan..

semalam i went to mid wif zura..suddenly rasa tingin nk mkan 1901..but i end up buying:
sotong kering
kacang tumbuk
cream puff
ayam grg

pk2 blik if i bli gak 1901 bla nk mkan smua nie?? laen la if i xpuasa..ble mkan anytime je..

semalam kat mid oso ada pameran orchid..aura n i pun pegi la posing kat cntik je orchid 2..

n i terpkir bout my modul bla tgk pic i blik..ptut x i ambil plant??ble culture macam2..but d prob is cmne if my pokok mati..huhu..still confuse bout my final year modul..i dunno what 2 choose..

Monday, August 2, 2010


i post my moto on friday
ptg tdi i dpt msg moto i da smpai...
very happy..
tp rite now trasa mlas nk bwa moto lak..
tdi g amek ngn gemoki-chan
dia yg bwa smpai kat upm..
smua org xbg i bwa moto kua..
trasa cm i bdk kecik xreti nek moto lak
sok i nk p minta sticker..
hope cpt dpt..
then i ble bwa p class

Friday, July 23, 2010

i dunno y
2day i trasa ngn gemoki..
disebabkan trasa i xmakan lagi smpai skrg
so lapa..
cpat la ptg....
i nk tunggu makcik 2..

i dun have any class 2day..but i have koko menyusahkan hidup..y is it must be on saturday..sat is holiday ok even skool oso cuti..feel like very malas nk p koko..but i have to..dis week i dun have any homework yet..but i guess i'm gonna be bz next week..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

i make a decision

i've already make a decision
that i have 2
no matter what
because it is very important
n 4 my owns goods..
i will make that happen

Sunday, July 11, 2010

misz da sampai upm..

i'm here..
i baru je abeh mengangkut semua brg2 i dari stor..
luckily that my room is on d same level wif store..
very tired..
i can't sleep in d bus..
lunch at mcd just now wif gemoki-chan..
i dunno eiter to choose an extra locker or tempat jemur baju..
but i keep on praying that i dun have a rumet..hehehe..
time 2 snooze...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

xsuka..xsuka...hati terasa sangat x sukaaaaa

esok da nk blik upm..xsuka..xbest..
y can't i continue my holiday..
so malas nak blaja..
new sem means new penderaan for me..
new syllibus..
new lecturer???
new rumet???
new room??
but i'm still d same ME..
hope that dis sem end faster n happier..
so that i can cuti again..
so xsaba nak tunggu end of dis month..
wanna balik penang..

Friday, July 9, 2010

misz very rajin tadi..hehe

at last i bjaya tidy up my kawasan aka bhagian atas rumah which is my tmpat lpak n etc..hehe..trasa macam sgt semak so i kmas..i takes me long period 2 tidy it..i should tidy it since my early holiday..but i feel like very2 lazy..hehe..but i've done my phase 1 of d tidy thing..tomorror i need to push myself to ride on the phase 2..hopefully i rajin again tomorrow..or i should say is already 12 sumtg..morning..hehe..welcome new day..

sunday is just around the corner..i hate dis sunday..i have to go back 2 upm..gosh..i hope that my cuti will become very long..plz...yesterday i bought 3 bus tickets to kl..3 including my parents..they wanna go to pahang 2 visit my sick uncle..i dunno how long they will stay there..hopefully just 4 a few days...or else awang n kakak will be very kurus...hopefully nobody will kidnap them like their sis..omg..i miss her..she is the most gedik cat that i ever have..her nama is pendek because she has a short tail..sumtimes my dad call her kak ngah..he said that she is d 2nd sis in between d three of them..hehe

so 2moro night i need 2 eat more 2 gain more energy 2 continue kemas my home..hehe..wish me luck-xoxo

Thursday, July 8, 2010


i went 2 queensbay 2 watch eclipse just now wif miza..we're having spaghetti at pizza hut 1st b4 watching d movie..i orderd d meatball..seems like the meetball is small n wasnt enough 4 me..then we get in2 d cinema quite late because we tried so hard 2 finish up our meals..hehe..but x abeh gak..

the movie had start when we get in2 d is the part that edward ask bella 2 marry him..we lost coz we didnt catch up d far for me the movoe seems dull..i dunno if that is the most suitable word dat i need 2 use to describe the movie..hehe..quite boring..seems like bella like both of them..i mean edward and this movie i feel like so menyampah tgk edward like telebih caring...

well i guest i need to read the book to understand more...but i really2 love to waste my money rite loan is not enough for me..i cant waste them 4 d book..miza said that she has the online book..i dunno think d name is online book..hehe..belasah je laa..who cares...but i dun have pendrive to take the book..nie smua gemoki-chan pnya pasal..he amek my pendrive n didnt return it to me..huhu..gemoki-chan..if u read this bagi balik my pendrive or i'll charge u for borrowing it..1 day 1 ringgit...

Sunday, July 4, 2010


its already july..n d important thing is sunday..nxt week sunday i have to go back 2 upm..i ddn't buy the ticket yet but i'm very sure that i will take plusliner..i'm not sure bout the time yet..when i think about going back 2 upm, many other unhappy thing come up in my mind...xbestnyaaa...malasnya nk bgn awal p clas..xtau dapat rumet sape...ntah2 dapat rumet yg kaypochee..xska..i like 2 buat bising at other people's room..but when i come into my room i wanna rest my body n relaxing my mind...cukup la what happen b4 dis..annoying..

the other thing that really2 make me malas 2 go back there is kemas barang..i have to take out all my stuffs in the store n kmas them..then on monday i nk p class..i have class at fac3 which is located far far away from the other fac and even bus didnt go there..

there r also the happy part where i can meet my gemoki-chan..he will fetch me at the railway station...xromantic toi..n i can c my mr gemok back..i hope that gemoki-chan didnt buli my mr gemok...hehe

so i forget to write bout my reunion wof my pearl geng..we didnt collecting pearl actually..but we're from the same class during graduated from high skul..5mutiara..of cause it is very impossible if i said that i mean every single one of them..i just met wif d close 1..which r wanie that i didnt meet for almost 1 year because she is bz wif her intern at terengganu..atul that i didnt meet for about half a year because of her study in um n shes having her intern also this holidae..liyana that i didnt meet for 1 year because she was in london..and farhana that i usually meet..hehe

actually we're planning on watching a movie..but we end up lepak at manhattan fish market for hour because of we ordered lots of food..hehe..i realy miss that time..and the food there r boombastic..i should try them again..atul came late actually..she met us after finish working on that day..i mean intern..

i wish i can upload the pic..but it is in wanies u guys..xoxo

Thursday, July 1, 2010


ermm..i dun have time 2 update my blog...dis week i quite bz doing my part time os my last day working at esarli qbm..and it is the last time i'll be working there coz the kdai also da nak tutup i have to find another part time job for my nxt time uni cuti..2day cam nk hujan je..well then i have to go 2 qbm late..hehe..i dun wanna mandi freewith air hujan

yesterday i watched karate kid..eventhough the movie had been showed for weeks but i dun have the opportunity to watch it..mebbe because i feel like i wanna stay at home during my cuti and i dun have friends to watvh with..ckin is on her money saving is a nice movie..must watching movie..jackie chan looks very old in that movie..jaden look exactly like his father..hehe

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i just realize dat i didnt update my blog 4 a very long time since after i put on the seperator. it is mebbe because
a. i wat2 lupa
b. i very lazy nk update
c. i very2 sakit time pakai seperator
d. i bz keja on i tired

so, all the answer is true..n i really feel sakit time pakai d seperator..after puting the seperator i didnt feel anything..but the next day i cannot eat mum cook nasi n chicken soup..i have to lenyek2 dat ayam 1st b4 eating it..then 4 the next followg day i only eat bubur..

today i went to adventist..dr ang take out the seperator..he's gonna put the braces..hehe..i had 2 hours apoinmnt wif him today..i have to wear a spek during all the braces puting moment..1st of all he clean up my theeth..the he use the -i dunno the thing- to take out all my saliva..he put on the besi shape like a ring on all 4 teeth that he put on the seperator last week..the after the besi is well shpe he take them out..the nurse put the glue on it that he put the back on my teeth..

he put sumthing on my teeth then he cuci it back.after tht he put the small besi one by one on my teeth..i feell like so sakit when the nurse tarik my mouth during the dr puting the besi..huhu..then he puting on a long wire at the besi..there r empty space at the besi..then he cover the besi with getah 2 avoid the besi come out..its a cover k..i can choose the getah color..but for the 1st time there r only 4 colour-pink,grey dark blue n colorless..i chose pink n grey..of coz because of i really love pink..grey??hurmm...mebbe it the good combination..hehe

my mun teman me..but she seems like so bored waiting for almost 2 u mama..

i forget to take my tooth pic and i dunno where my mum keeps it..will upload them later..then i can tanam them..

btw i really mis sorg dak gemok yg really care bout me..he keep on asking me bla pkai braces again n dia keep on lupa n tnya lgi..huhu..miss him..hehe

Friday, June 18, 2010


i went to seperate my teeth apoinmnt is at 2.20pm..dr ang just put on 8 getah between my is 2 seperate my teeth..i didnt feel anything but i feel pain when i bite my i have 2 eat soft food..huhu..xskanyaaaaa...hope cepat2 la dis seperator thing come out..dr ang also said that just ignore if the seperator come out by itself that means that there are gap between my teeth..huhuhu....xoxo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

cabut gg

i went 2 siak dentist surgery on last monday...wif my cabut aunt suggest to go there because she said dat xsakit cabut gg there..actually d dr sugest to pull out one tooth only ..but because of my limit time i need to pull out two teeth..i need to put on the seperator on this the dr said ok then he pull out 2 teeth..n its true..xsakit lgsung..fell like i didnt realize when did my teeth come out..i just realize after he pull out 2 teeth thats when i see my teeth that cover wif some blood...all i can say inside is 'owh.thats my panjang..' gusi keep on bedarah ..but i didnt feel any pain..lots of blood n i keep on changing the kain kasa..kain kasa kot..i dunno the name of that thing..hentam je la...owhh..btw he plled out two teeth on my left side..the said that the right teeth betindan so need 2 kerat skit 1st.

so today i went to siak again.of coz la 2 cabut gg again..he put on the ubat kebas 1st then inject. i dunno how many time he inject coz i didnt feel anything but sometimes i feel like there is needle at my gusi..then he gerudi my teeth yg blapis using the thing dat dr use during palam..after that he cabut my gg..and xsakit gak..but bleeding badly..i saw a pakcik at bus stop..he said that i need to bite the kapas harder to avoid lots of blood..owhh..bru i wonder la b4 dis its bleeding very truk..then i saw a mak cik which is a relative of my dad..she sais dat i shouldnt wash my mouth..coz when then bleeding gusi kna air it will bdarah lagi lmbat stop bleeding..hehe..i wanna upload my gg pic but i didnt cuci it yet..i will upload them later..xo-misz

Thursday, June 10, 2010


last nite i received the goods that i order via happy until i cant i already finish making three happy..but i guess i dun have enough items..need 2 order more...more..n more..hehe..the 1st bookmark that i make is bigger than the other but the cost is cheaper..n i png kpala pk y is it small 1 more xpensive.huhu..after this i wanna design more n wait 4 afta 2 design 2..btw lots of eyepin n headpin that is rosak becoz of my trial..this is my 1st time making them..hehe

2day is ima's wedding day..not d kenduri..its akad i men 2 masjid bebaju kurung n selendang..selendang i pinjam kat miza..hehe..quite bosan coz d tok kadi ckap bnyak..penat i tunggu until my leg lenguh n i keep on chenging my sitting style..n oso position...1st i sit in front of miza then my leg's become numb so i just lari behing that people xnampak me sit with unpolite ways..hehe..wishing ima n her hubby hapily ever after..hehe..her weeding knuri is on this saturday..i have to become her pengapit..i know it last minute..luckily i have baju kurung pink to wear on that day..actialy i dun feel like i wanna be her mlas..i just wanna go to the wedding n makan n lepak d whole day..huhu
the nxt thing is i have to wake up early tomorrow 2 go to the hosp..but i dun think i can make laziness is more than anything else..hehe..hopefully it is not so painful so that i can go berpoya2 at gurney..hehe..xo

Monday, June 7, 2010


boring..just stay at home on9 makan n on9 balik..huhu..there r sumting that i realize bout school students nowadays..weird..last nite i saw them at qb wearing a weird clothes..y do they think that kind of style stylo??its weird..i can recognize them as budak sekolah juat by looking at their ntah apa2...

k forget bout the annoying topic..n we go to the topic that i like..sk2..i oso teman my aunt go to by sk2..feels really happy..if i have lots of money i cnfirm that i will buy it..
i also go to check my skin at the jusco sk2 booth..hehe..

Monday, May 31, 2010

end of mei

da hjung bulan..time past by so fast n theres only 1 month left 4 my cuti..cepatnyaa..huhu..i dun feel like i like 2 go back 2 upm..buhsan..bila la nk dpt gaji..i da xsaba nk g shop...

Monday, May 24, 2010

3rd time 2 adventist

its the third time that i went to the adventist hospital and the 2nd time that i see dr ang..i had an apointment with him at i went there by my motocycle..the traffic is like always..jammed..welcome to tanjung..xpenah xjammed..then i met fana at almost 12..afza didnt have an apointment today because of the dr ang packed she have an apointment 2moro..we went to see mr ang 2gether and he's kind like always.. he show me the replica of my teeth.. and also my xray..and he explain again bout which teeth that i need to pull out...i need to pulled out 4 teeth and all is the fourth teeth from the front..scary..i wish that i can wear braces before ima's wedding but because of dr ang tight schedule i need to postpone all the pullout thing seperation and bonding..frustrated..huhu..but i have already make an apointment with him for seperation on 18 of june and bonding on 23..well i guess i need to buy my plane ticket asap for more cheaper flight fare for me to come back 2 png for monthly check.. xoxo-misz

Thursday, May 20, 2010

pic that i like

here is some pic that i like n i wont delete them

here is my fav pic dat i always use in my ym

i like this pic coz of the colour..nice pic

this pic is kouru's..i copy paste it about 5 years ago if im not nice

adventist again

I went to adventist hospital again 2day coz I have an apointmant wif dr ang at 11.30..i went to adventist alone..hehe..very is my 1st time went to the air itam n tanjung area alone wif is not my personal apoinment actually..of coz la our appointment(wif afza n fana) it started when dr ang check my teeth and told me that i need to pull out 4 teeth.. when I heard that the only thing that I can think and imagine is-sakittttttt….after that he made a replica of my teeth both upper n lower..Then I went to d xray room to is a nice n harmless xray..diff from the xray dat I had done before(of coz la-*wink). I close my eyes coz takut la when that thing surround my head while thinking there is a laser that gonna make me blind..hehe..then the dr tell me to set the next appointment at the my next aponment is on d next Monday at 12pm 4 diagnosis..i need to rush for the apoinmnt becoz I nk balik kg on tues until fri..and all this thing will not involve sat n sun coz im working on my part time job on weekend..xoxo

Monday, May 17, 2010


so tired today.. i went to advntist hosptal wif farhana n afza 2 survey on braces..and found out that it is the most cheapest place ever for braces so the 3 of us become so excited n we have n apoinment with dr. ang this thursday..hehe..the total 4 all is rm3800 not including cabut gg..omg..i cant imagine what will happen 2 me if d dr cabut my gg..sakittttt....huhu...there's also 1 thing dat i realize afta live in penang for 22 years..1 stop is mid land..MIDLAND that i usually went when i fly wif elafrin..cedih that means-xsusah pun nk p advntist-..but actually quite diffcult la..the traffic there is horror..sgt menakutkan...the driver there drive sesuka hati xpcially d one with xpensive i dun thnk i have courage to go there aponmnt is on this thurs..need to bring 3++ for the first time checking n xray if im not mistaken..wish me luck babe..xoxo

Monday, May 10, 2010


rose in the nana's intro
i like dis song..


作詞: ANNA
作曲: Ayumi Miyazaki
Romaji & English translation by: cori
From the single rose

When I was darkness at that time
furueteru kuchibiru
heya no katasumi de I cry
mogakeba mogaku hodo tsukisasaru kono kizu
yaburareta yakusoku hurt me
When I was darkness at that time
My lips are trembling
and I cry in the corner of the room
The more I struggle, the more this wound pierces
The broken promises hurt me

Nobody can save me
kamisama hitotsu dake
tomete saku you na my love
Nobody can save me
There is just one God
It seems like my love stops and tears me

* I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
maichiru kanashimi your song
ibasho nai kodoku na my life
I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
Oh baby, help me from frozen pain
with your smile, your eyes,
and sing me, just for me
I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
Your song is the sadness that falls down
My lonely life with nowhere to go
I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
Oh baby, help me from frozen pain
with your smile, your eyes,
and sing me, just for me

I wanna need your love...
I'm a broken rose
I wanna need your love...

When you are with me at that time
anata no kage wo oikakete
hadashi de kakenukete stop me
tozaseba tozasu hodo motsureteku kono ai
yuruyaka ni yasashiku kiss me
When you are with me at that time
I chase after your shadow
and ran through it barefoot; stop me
The more I block it, the more this love gets complicated
Kiss me gently, tenderly

Nobody can save me
kogoeru bara no you ni
yasashiku nemuritai my tears
Nobody can save me
Like a frozen rose
I want to sleep gently; my tears

I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
kareochiru kanashimi my soul
kuzureteku kodoku na little girl
I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
Oh baby, help me from frozen pain
with your smile, your eyes,
and sing me, just for me
I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
My sad soul dies off
I'm a little girl that breaks down
I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
Oh baby, help me from frozen pain
with your smile, your eyes,
and sing me, just for me

I wanna need your love...
I'm a broken rose
I wanna need your love...

* repeat

I wanna need your love...
I'm a broken rose
I wanna need your love...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

i dunno what am i doing

i'm so bored during dis cuti so i just spend my time
-reading comic..
-watch glee..
-n online..
so thats when d idea of making a blog came up..
i dun think dat i can update my blog..hehe
maybe i just do it 4 fun..
mr blog..
u can be my diary..
really miss my mr gemok..
mabbe i should bring him home instead of leaving him in kl
i'm sure dat he miss me..

c...he's tummy so gemok..suit wif his name..