Sunday, March 31, 2013

its been a while


today is the end of march..among all of those month this month is the most hectic all started with final a tutor i need to prepare final exam question for my students. there are 2 papers that i need to prepare..after finish preparing the question suddenly the college gave me the new format for final exam which was bilingualism. i was like "R U kidding me?" . i have to admit that i hate translating.. it is so difficult to translate especially when i have to make my BM sound reasonable..but thanks to google translate i manage to finish it on time even though the sentence was funny..

last wednesday my dad was admitted to GH for high blood pressure.. at first he had the difficulty to breath so we just sent him to the nearest hospital. then when the doctor did an xray they found that there are water in his lung so they decided to send him to GH because GH have their own specialist.

the next day he was getting better and i asked the doctor about his condition. the doctor did mention that he's ok and if his blood pressure is normal he will be discharge within 1/ 2 days.

the next day was the worst. he looks so sick and he didn't able to wake up..i dont know what happened and i think that the hospital condition make him stress. logicly who doesn't stres if you see people dying everyday..especially the one who's sleeping next to your bed..i miss my BFF nikah day today.. its so stress out..

yesterday he was better but the still have the difficulty to breath back so the doctor put on the oxygen.. but i know how stubborn he is..he take out the oxygen and said that he want to sleep..

going to visit him today later..i called my mum and she told me that my dad blood pressure increase again and he cant move 1 of his leg..i hope that he will be better asap so that he can go home.. tomorrow  i wanted to request a second or first class ward.. normal class is not good for people's condition..

i went to by BFF wedding day was totally fun..i met up with my high school best friend who are usually busy..even though we didn't manage to tell every little secret but we manage to catch up..


Friday, February 8, 2013

new year


its my 1st post for 2013..hehe..i'm very bz life was more hectic than before..luckily we're about to celebrate CNY so i get 2 days extra's been a while since my last holiday to Sabah..but the different is i'm gonna spend my precious time resting in my nest for the whole holiday time..assumption is just for the place around penang where i need to be for certain reason.. *cross finger*

hope that its not too early to wish happy CNY and i hope that i will be more lucky in snake year cause my friend did say that we are unlucky during dragon year..hehe.. i'm not a believer but i always want what best for me.


Monday, December 31, 2012

end of 2012


today is the last day in tomorrow will be the starting of a new year..before this i usually thought that 'new year new me' but i think that i'm still remain the same..

so, flash back to is my most favourite year so far.. i graduated and employed this year..i'm no longer a student..when i was a student i thought that working is easy compare to going to class, exam, assignment and all other stuffs that students need to do..but it turn up the opposite of what i think..

i'm work as assistant lecturer..b4 this i thought that teaching is easy..but it is so difficult..i need to prepare notes, teach, prepare quiz/ assignment/question & etc..not only i work on my office hour but i usually bring my tasks home..

the best thing bout my new place is the annual leave that they give me..i get 25 days of AL..but i will get them after my probation for this upcoming January i take unpaid leave for my is better than let my ticket burn..


Friday, November 30, 2012



i have been to 4 interviews and 1 phone interview for this months..the first one was bp healthcare group as the medical laboratory technologist..the interview always started by introducing myself follow by a few simple question by the interviewer..i was interviewed by the lab manager so she asked me about my lab i just tell them what i did on my lab class and my final year project..most of the time the lab manager explained about their working is actually interesting where you can try a new thing like checking someone's blood pressure, bone density and even take their blood.. the condition was like working in the hospital..i nail this job but i reject it because i have to work for them minimally 1.5 years..

my second interview was a short phone interview with nestle. they ask quiet the same question.
introduce about yourself..
what are your strength and weakness.
why are applying for this position
do you received any scholar
what do u always do on weekend when you're not working
and several question that i forget takes bout 10 to 15 minutes for the phone interview..i passed this phoned interview so i was called for the face to face interview with the nestle manager

the 3rd interview was with nestle..i can either choose to be interviewed by skype or face to face..i choose f2f cause i wanna go to kl..i'm currently unemployed so this is the best time for me to spend my time jalan2 before i stuck working somewhere..they interview was schedule at 10 but i have to be at menara surian 1 hour early..the interviewer was very nice.. they make me feel more comfortable..they mostly ask me question based on my resume and a few question bout their company..i failed this interview so i did'nt manage to go on the 3rd round which is case, there are 5 stages of interview..

my forth interview was at North Borneo Herbal Biotechnology as the project coordinator. this is the company where my 2 ex coursemate are doing their internship under BEST program. i was the fourth person that arrived for the interview..the staff called us to the boss's we (all together 5) went into that room and sit on the sofa..we were interview by their boss..same old question..he asked us to introduce ourselves in 2 minutes..then he asked us to asked questions among ourselves..after that he did explained a little bit about their company. in the end of the interview he asked me and another chinese boy to stay for the second round interview..we waited bout about 1/2 an hour chit chat before he called that boy to interview..then it's my turn..this interview is like a chit chat between us..he asked me if i have any questions and he did explain to make it more clear..i didn't get any respond yet regarding this interview.. i just assume that if they have only 1 vacancy that position will be fill by that boy because he went for the interview for 1 hour..i just went for the second interview foe 20 minutes..

my last interview for this month was yesterday as the assistant lecturer at ICT is not a glamour college but it located nearby from my house..they called me 2 days before the interview..they asked me to prepare a slide for mock teaching..i did prepare a short slide on microbiology. i was asked to come at 9 ut my interview was at 12..the staff budget 10 to 15 minutes of interview but the interviewer interviewed for about 1/2 an hour per person. the asked normal question..introduce..strength..any experience in teaching..familiarity with lab equipment..fyp..they asked me to tick on the subject that i can teach..lastly presentation..they did comment that i need to correct my pronunciation .. i was nervous and i did present terribly..should take note on that and improve myself later..


Monday, October 22, 2012

monday again


hello monday..people usually said monday blues..but the are not what i exactly feel cause i work 6days a week and my cuti is not on weekend..

last thursday i received a call from easy rhb saying that i got that job in 1 branch located in penang which was not quite near to my house but i still manage to go to work from home..i as usual was super excited.. i keep on asking people about that job..they said that my working hour is 8 hours including break..the working time start from 9am to 7pm.. my mum said that it is ok as long as i can come back home early..

the more i ask people about that job the more i freaked out..then i realized why don't i just try first then judge it..if it is not suitable then quit..they only want two week notice..

last night i manage to apply sime darby management trainee last minute.. cause the deadline was today..hope that they will process my application even though i think that i'm not actually qualified for that requirement..hello!! the want candidates with pointer 3.5 and above..hope that all the clever people further study so that they don't apply..hehe

i was so over usm..its been 3 months since the closing date and there still in shortlisting mode..definitely make me think that i didn't i need to move on and apply more..especially applying for the big company even though it is not located in far i applied

  • indah water
  • nestle
  • sime darby
  • and lots more at job street which i can't even remember
for all jobless people out there, the easiest way to be 'unjobless' try to apply work in sales ..cause they desperately need your chance to get the job is higher..just try it will not loss anuything by trying..who know if that job will suit you well..


Thursday, October 18, 2012

october already??


i just realize that i didn't write any post on i busy??


i don't even have the answer for that question. i've been working 9 / 12 hours a day depends on my shift at the far i think that my job is relax and sometimes boring..but thanks to mcd for providing free wifi so i can online when i'm bored..i even can watch youtube when i work..

last saturday was my convocation day..i went there with my mum and aunt since my dad is not well..i don't feel like uploading the pic cause i already uploaded them at my FB..the weather was fine but it was rain when we stepped out of the hall which was a pics with friends cause of the rain..the shades were crowded with people..u hardly can find your own parents but luckily my mum found me..

right now i'm still working at the mall..i got a job as......... dont want to jinx it cause i didn't get the official letter yet..just hoping that they don't suddenly cross my name after i sent my resign letter..if i dont get that job i am officially a jobless person..i think that being jobless is more fun than working..working makes me tired..i'm craving for a long holiday now..well, january is still far away.. when it come i will definitely say 'HELLO SABAH!!'

besides from that i also moving a step forward.. i'm trying a new facial product..i bought facial form and toner from etude house..yeay.. i used the balance money from my convocation trip..i bought Happy essential form vit C and be clear skin it if you wanna know how tehy look like..i didnt try them yet..and i get free give water bottle, mask, facial wash and bb cream that shop..the sale assistant was kind and helpful..i definitely will go to that shop again..maybe someday when i have money to spend..hehe

i'm also addicted to saving right now..i plan to save my whole october salary in my asb..hope that i can manage to do that..hehe..

got to go..hope that i will have more time to write again..


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat hari raya


alhamdulillah..finally after 1 month of fasting we're able to celebrate eid mubarak..i've celebrated raya at home like the previous year cause everybody will gather at my home at 1st raya..ramadhan was over and lots of grateful things happened during ramadhan..eventhough i didnt update my blog daily but i hope that i manage to write down all the memorable experience here..

1st of all i manage to find a part time job..eventhough it is not the real job (i mean i didn't even use my diploma or degree to get that job), but i think i'm ok with it..working means that i'm no longer depends on my parents anymore and now it is the time for me to take care of them..and my salary is not so bombastic but it is enough for me and my parents..hopefully..

2nd i submitted my resume to agrobank..i thought that they would black listed me cause i already rejected their interview session last month..last month they call me for an interview in KL and i rejected it and alhamdulillah thet call me again for an interview for the assistant executive position..the interview was held in Butterworth..i went there with my mum and the interview went well and the result will be out within 1 month..eventhough that position is for diploma holder and the salary is also in their range but i don't actually mind cause the priority for me now is to get a real job..hopefully i will get that job..Amin..

3rd..instead of shopping for raya i shop for something else..hehe..i only get my self a new baju kurung for raya..thats shoes, no bag and no ect..i bought a new phone for raya..shall we call it handphone raya??i bought sony sola last thursday..went to bukit jambul shopping complex with my mum and bought i end up owing my mum 1k for hp and i think my first salary was gone before i get it..hehe..

that all..hope that u'll get the blast raya this year which was better than before..